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so i thought i should
January 31, 2003

so i thought i should post. at least something, ne? was just out at wil's place and was confronted by the fact that a lot of ppl have blogs. much more interesting blogs than me. it's rather depressing. oh, if only i could go to japan, and make ppl look at pictures of such and explain about what an awesome time i had. pooh.
and another thing is that ben is leaving in like a week, and he's taking the camera with him. which means that i won't have a digital camera for when i go to WI, and that sucks. it also means that i'm going to have to bring my little 35mm out. i have grown too lazy. i just forget to get pics developed, and then when i find some miscellaneous roll of used film, i can't remember where it came from, and i usually just end up throwing it away, because i don't know if it's mine, or if i would actually care if i got it developed.
this time i can make a change, damnit. i will take pics while i'm in WI, and i WILL get them developed. like right away and stuff! grrr! *ahem*

in training today. was in
January 30, 2003

in training today. was in training yesterday.
"i guess my greatest weakness is learning too quickly. i tend to learn faster than others in class, and therefore sit around waiting for them to catch up."
v. sad, but true.
so i'm bored, of course.
the curse of the impossibly intelligent.

once again, i am just
January 28, 2003

once again, i am just bored out of my little mind at work.
what fun
no, not really
but that's okay, because at least i'm getting paid to be here. i would just really like something to come up and bite me in the ass. like a new job. i haven't learned anything new here in like a year, and that's the part that kills me. i thrive on change and learning. i just wish that something would come up that would let me do this.
i realised today that i really have no clue as to what i would like to do with my life. i mean, besides the norm, like having kids and stuff, which are things i want to do, but it's just too far in the future for me to even really think about that right now. i'm thinking about actually going back to school, but i don't really know what i want to do there, either... maybe i'll just start doing correspondance courses until i figure it out. like renie. or something.
i'm sick of typing... maybe more tonight if i'm actually online... tomorrow is the deadline, so i'll definitely be up by then. and if not... well, i'm not going to type that stuff here, just in case the gov'mnt is watching...

::i::a:m::a:t::w:o:r:k:: il est tres gêner
January 27, 2003


il est tres gêner

everything here is either down or just not working properly, and it's making me want to run up and down my aisle screaming.

but i can't, or else i probably wouldn't have a job tomorrow. so this weekend was not very eventful. we did finally get the dining table base, which i am rather excited about. i can't wait to actually eat at a real dining table, instead of over the coffee table on the couch. i figure it will cut down on the amount of food-related stains (which is pretty much every stain) on the couch. being at kinko's last night was probably one of the most completely wasted hours of my life. we were there for forever, and pretty much got nothing done. so the only good thing about it was being able to get online. which, i admit, was awesome. at least we ended up not paying for it.

it is almost break time, which i adore during the day. usually i just sit here and stare at the clock waiting for it to hit 10:30, 13:00, or 15:30. those are the times when i am on break. those are my saving graces which make me not want to bash my head in against my desk... 8 minutes and counting...

it has been rather busy today, which is fine with me for the most part, as long as i don't get too many complete idiots on the phone. some people just shouldn't own a computer. or go bother dell.

btw, i actually got into work on time today! yay for me! okay, that's all for now....


i am so going to
January 26, 2003

i am so going to bash my head in or swallow my tongue. we have been here at kinko's for like an hour trying to print this one image from photoshop, and it has taken forever. i so have other things to get done today. anyhow, i am still without a computer at home, so i haven't been able to really get anything done with the webpage this weekend. oh well. hopefully i'll have the computer back tomorrow. it's no longer a priority for me. but we ended up taking ben's grandma to lunch today, because we got up too late to take her to catholic church. which is kind of sad, because we're like the only ppl to take her, but church really bores the hell out of me. i am not christian, and it seems that catholocism is just too full of nonsense for me. church is like "stand up, sit, kneel, stand, sit, kneel, stand" and that's all we do.... okay, i'm out of here to go have a cigarette while we wait. do have a lovely weekend.


so, in accordance with my
January 24, 2003

so, in accordance with my last post, i installed a new mobo onto my system that will have a PII-800 on it. after i got everything installed, it wouldn't POST. for those of you out there that don't understand computers, that basically means that the power came on to everything, but nothing showed up on my screen, and the lights on my keyboard didn't come on. this is not good. so i tried all of the normal troubleshooting - reseating the RAM, getting rid of all of the PCI cards except for video, and checking IDE cables. none of this worked. the only thing i didn't try was taking the CMOS jumper off to reset it, because i didn't have any internet access to be able to check up on the mobo site. so right now i am without a computer. it is at sr systems right now getting fixed so i can be up this weekend (hopefully!). so no problems... at least i'm getting a faster computer for very very little money...

oh, and another good thing... was talking to my dad, and he's going to send me a computer, too... so i'll have a play linux box, which makes me really happy, because i need one badly.
so that's all for now... if i have my computer back tonight, i'll update again this weekend, and hopefully get the rest of the gallery up. yay!


alrighty all... will be offline
January 23, 2003

alrighty all... will be offline for prolly an hour or so to upgrade my computer. when you see me in the near future, i will be a faster woman, just you see.
i am sooo bloody excited. whee!

so i was just in

so i was just in the break area at work microwaving a burrito when this lady walks by me who reeks. and i don't mean smelling bad... well... she smelled like the 80s'. i don't know how to explain it, she just did. i turned around to get a good look at her, thinking it might be the woman from the other side of the building who has horrible hair. i didn't get to look at her face, so i don't know who she was.. but i did notice that her red shirt matched her red suede clog-like shoes exactly. all that was in between was a pair of tight black jeans.

ugh. so don't want to
January 21, 2003

ugh. so don't want to update anything on the site tonight. i just got home from the gym, and i am incredibly sleepy. i think i'm just going to chill on the couch, listen to some relaxing music, and read. so really that's all for tonight, folks. today was far too stressful, and now that it's over, i just don't want to have to deal with anything, j@ |\|0? okay, so that's it. i'm gone.


ahoy ye mateys! just eating
January 20, 2003

ahoy ye mateys!
just eating some left over curry and decided to do a "shout out" (as mel would put it). here are the stats!:
sountrack to this post: that dog. more specifically, multiple listenings of "Long Island": by definition a crush must hurt, and they do... and they do... just like the one i have on you... anyhow, since that dog doesn't have an "official" website (dood, whatever), try google to find a good one, okay?
updates: well, not a whole lot has happened since yesterday... however, i guess i can throw a couple of things at you... finally got ahold of someone at qwest who could help me with my DSL issues (see below), so i should be back in the world of not getting pissed off waiting for pages to load soon...
seems like every time i get home from the gym, i feel all good and happy and full of life, etc bullshit.... and then i don't want to go sometimes... what's up with that? oh well, i'm forcing myself to go every day... weighed myself today, and i've lost just about 30# since i started working out. so that's kewl... just about 50# to go... woo hoo! *ahem*
anyhow, i just bit a large chunk out of my mouth.
i highly recommend eating curry. chicken curry, specifically. eventually, i'll put recipes up for stuff that i make that seem like no one else makes. so then i can be all original and special. just like everyone else. ah, to finally finally fit in.

mood: lovely soundtrack to today's

mood: lovely

soundtrack to today's blog: Jim's Big Ego, the local boston band, another local fucking boston fucking band. go to their website NOW. they rock ass. i just wish they would rock a little more towards this side of the country... pfft.

so for today, i updated my site. yay! i got some of the eye candy up, so go take a look, and let me know what you think.

speaking of, soon ... hopefully ... i'll actually have the comments for this thing up... damn cgi... and damned asp extensions... they're making it incredably hard on me. but i'm working it. oooh yeah, i'm working it. sooo ... that's really it for now... i'm really should be off to bed once i do this, but lord knows i'll be up for forever still, doing miscellaneous stuff. this really whips the llama's ass.

okay, later... ^_^ ... me

today has been ... okay.
January 17, 2003

today has been ... okay. i guess... it hasn't been a really good day or a bad day... it's just been there... once again, it's friday, which is usually a good thing. i don't get to sleep in tomorrow, so i can't really look forward to that. my mom is coming over at 7am so i can borrow her truck. we need to get the rest of ben's things from nampa so we can complete the move (finally). i am looking forward to having an actual dining room table. this will be the first time i've had one since i've lived at home. no more eating on the couch or in front of the computer!

i'm getting all excited and thinking about napkins and placemats... making napkin rings (martha stewart gave me a good idea for some) sounds like a good little project to do at work.

i am a sucker for recipes. i have a ton of cookbooks, but unfortunately, rarely ever use them. so i get this thing in the mail yesterday about a recipe book where they'll send me like 5 recipe cards every 3 weeks, and i'll pay 3.95 or something for them. did i rip it up and throw it away? no. i filled out the card and sent it back today. so now i'll be getting even more. and i don't feel guilt. i want them. lovely colour pictures of things i could make! i love just looking at them. whomever thought of the the colour cookbook be damned.

i have added another blog that is basically just my friend LeeAnn and i talking. i suggest you go there now.
love on friday. ^_^ me

January 16, 2003

"clever is something that i've always wanted to be, but could not quite figure out."

i purchased many things yesterday, 3 being fillings in my teeth, and 1 being a toilet seat. i also received my 21" monitor. i almost killed myself taking it out of ben's car, as i was far too impatient to wait for him to help me, so i decided to do it myself. i now have a large bruise on the inside of my left arm, a sore shoulder, and a sore back. what more could one ask for?

so yesterday was a good and bad day. the dentist had to keep shooting me up with novicaine because it wears off too quickly in my mouth. pain is not necessarily a good thing all the time. but, to make up for that, i had only a half-day at work. yet another root canal is scheduled to be done in a month's time, just before i head to wisconsin to see LeeAnn. what fun!

my DSL is still not hooked up, as the phone company has an issue where, for some reason, they don't think it's available in my area, even though i'm still in the same house where i've had DSL for 2+ years, and i've litterally moved about 10'. the phone lines are about 7' away from each other. go figure.

i'm having to do all of my updates from work. i'm hoping to get the gallery and the "me" page up this weekend... once again, uploaded from work, as i have no patience for dialup. it is killing me.

hoping to have a better day today. wish me luck.

things that suck for today
January 10, 2003

things that suck for today ... in no particular order:

keeping an eye on MSN's lovely site to see when they finally cancel my DSL ... just so i can order it again
having to figure out how much longer i have to wait for said DSL once i move
having to use dial-up for the next week - 2 weeks because MSN sucks
being a total geek who can't go a week - 2 weeks without DSL without my heart racing in fear
not being able to get the "original" Great Gatsby on DVD, because it's not available yet
the fact that the beyond shitty 2001 A&E version of the Great Gatsby is available on DVD

okay, that's plenty of shitty things for one day... let's look for good things, eh? once again, in no particular order:

being able to breathe again, as most of the inversion has gone away (yay!)
getting plane tix to go see a good friend that has been away for far too long
the fact that it is friday
moving - sometimes a pain, mostly exciting!
rearranging all of my belongings into new places - for some reason, i just love doing this
sleeping in on the weekend in a nice featherbed (thank you, darling!)
getting my plants to a brighter area, so that hopefully my jade plant won't die! eek!
not having to deal with too many uhm... untechnical (the nicest way to put it, really) people at work today

okay, once again, the good list is enough for today... it's actually longer than the bad list... i
wonder why the bad stuff seems to be soo much more in the forefront than the good stuff...
anyhow, just one more recommendation for today ... everyone must get out and read The First Man by Albert Camus. Please. you'll thank me when you do.
love ^_^

so i have issues sleeping.
January 8, 2003

so i have issues sleeping. well, it's not really sleeping that's the hard part. it's getting to the part where i'm actually asleep. i read somewhere that "normal" people fall asleep within 7 minutes of laying down with their eyes closed. it usually takes me a minimum of 30 minutes to fall asleep.
i think it may have to do with my thought processes. i sometimes stay awake just thinking about certain things over and over again. my mind just takes off on it's own flight of fancy, and i cannot seem to get it back. next think i know, i'm opening one eye to look at the clock, and it's 1:52am... which means it's really 1:31am, in real time. I have been trying to trick myself with time for years now, and it has yet to actually work.

So, once again a
January 5, 2003

So, once again a Sunday has gone by where I have done absolutely nothing. The sad thing is that I can't really remember what exactly I did. I remember getting out of bed at 2:30pm, and finally taking a shower around 3 ... after that, i made some food, and that basically brings us up to this point.
Ben and I watched "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" tonight. It was a DVD I got him for Xmas. I must have seen that movie a thousand times when I was a kid, but it still seems funny to me. Completely stupid and funny.
Anyhow, since I really don't know yet what I'm going to use this for yet, I think I'm going to just leave this post as it is... I'll be getting on TSO now, and making some moolah there. Should be fun! Love to all who read this (hi LeeAnn!!).

okay, so here is the
January 4, 2003

okay, so here is the second test... just want to make sure it's working!
love, me ^_^

After messing with Photoshop for

After messing with Photoshop for the longest of times, I finally have the main page up... we'll see what happens next...