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yeah, i know
July 30, 2003

i'm a bloody lazy bitch, ne? anyhow, i went home early on friday because i felt all nasty sick, and the feeling really hasn't gone away. it's a bit less intensive than before, but it still sucks. everything that i ate on friday totally repulsed me, and i probably shouldn't have eaten it, but i forced myself to, freaking out thinking i was turning annorexic or something. ick!

didn't do much on the weekend but run around on sunday just doing stuff. so i guess i really don't have much to say. i'm totally looking forward to getting my check on tuesday, as that will allow me to purchase my plane tix to savannah, where ben and i have been planning on going for a good while. i dig, yo. life has been rather boring and whatnot, but i'm getting kind of used to it. i'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. i just hope it picks up soon before i have to slow it down to do other life stuff like having kids and buying houses, etc. blech.

sushi sushi sushi bar
July 24, 2003

of course, am rather looking forward to the planned dinner at Shige Express tonight, where the Best Sushi in Boise is served. or at least i think so. for some reason, some other people prefer Zutto's, which has the Gen-X atmosphere and the price to go along with it. but not me. give me my sushi quickly on a slowly moving boat, floating along in front of me. give me a chef whose name i know by heart from attending the bar each and every week. if one wants a good salad, okay sushi, and a high price, go somewhere else. hmph.

suddenly, i have no time to type about other things, as the thing that is paying my bills has sprung up and bit me in the leg. i shall, however, stop the bleeding before quitting time so i can run off to eat raw fishes. ja ne

i am that i am
July 23, 2003

and i am incredibly sleepy as of this moment. this morning, on the way to work, even after a nice cold shower, i could barely keep my attention on the road ahead of me. and though i was rather paranoid of getting into an accident or something likely like that, i still couldn't concentrate. so now i'm especially tired and not wanting to do much of anything except flying (with my imaginary wings) directly home and into my bed, where an imaginary air-conditioner would cool me.

at the current time, weather.com says it's 107 degrees outside. tomorrow they're predicting t-storms, which would be a saviour right now, and hopefully allow me to drive home without the heater turned on full-blast. yeah, that sucks.

other than that, i just realised i actually have work to do, which i should probably do before someone else comes by and realises i haven't done it. ^_^ ja ne!

blues? non
July 22, 2003

as my birthday is coming rather speedily, i realise that at this time of the year, i start thinking about time and how quickly it is yanked from our grasp. i think my birthday is less than a month away, but i don't want to think about it too much. not because i'm getting older, but because i know that it will come before i know it, and be gone in even less time. september will come, and i'll be "officially" 24 years of age, then other things will happen that will make me lose concentration on that fact, even though it's been something i've been looking forward to. i really only have one more milestone into adulthood after this, which is turning 25. the only good thing about that is the ability to rent a car. and i never need to do that. so hmph.

i would like to extend a greeting to cat and girl by adding them to my link list in the nav bar. i thank christine for bringing cat, girl, and i back together after too long a haitus.

the last thing to update today is the introduction of somethingclever.net 2.0. i have been working on a new index page, and though it isn't up to snuff just yet, i do have the beta to look at here. everything done on it has been done from work, where i have none of the lovely tools i take for granted at home. once i get to work on it a bit from home, it should load faster and pretty much actually work. you can, of course, let me know what you think of it before i unveil it to the world. fwah.

18 July, 2003?
July 21, 2003

so let me make an amendment to the "a new beginning" post: i will try to post here every day on the weekdays. i rarely even touch my computer on the weekends, because in the summer it's just too damned hot to do anything, especially just sit in front of a computer getting sticky. and not in the way you think.

other than that, there's not much to update on. once again, spent far too much money over the weekend, and our DVD collection grew by another 8(!) DVDs. long live fred meyer, who has the best deals on DVDs in towne. yay!

yesterday was spent on the couch, mostly. did get the lawn watered. i'm rather disappointed at the state of my lawn. when zach and corey lived in the building, it was always cared for, pruned, weeded, etc. flowers grew, and it was gorgeous. since they have moved out and evil bitch of a manager has taken over (whom hasn't done anything at all, i might add), everything has gone to hell. she has the college boy who lives in the back apartment "take care" of the lawn, which means it goes unwatered (unless i do it), unpruned (unless i do it), and where there used to be flowers, there are now weeds that are taller than i. and i'm 6' tall. and i'm not exaggerating. it's just sad. i don't do weeds, or else i'd get rid of those, as well. how frustrating it is when going down the side of the house to trow out the garbage or to take laundry downstairs, and i have to fight off weeds that will eventually tower 9' in the air, and i'm sure bend over and create a weedy arbour which shall cut out the sun and instill fear into the hearts of all men. except for the college boy in the back. grrrr.

July 18, 2003

i so totally don't know how in the hell i f*cked this up. i am frustrated.

UPDATE: so i fixed the issue i'm not sure anyone saw, but for some reason a css < div class="whatever"> tag has to be put after the blockquote tag for the blog. i was just trying to make links easier to read. ^_^

a new beginning...

so after the realisation i came to yesterday, i think i am going to force myself to write on this at least every day (or every-other day), because i don't want to be a slacker. who does?

the main point of this being the following sentance, which totally took me back about 10 years (or more):
"Others: (separate URLs with a carriage return)"
this was found when going through my MT preferences, and i was trying to figure out if youngin's these days would even know what a "carriage return" is. so haha.

and for you working out in Bldg. 27, i hope there are no rumours flying about that i'm pregnant. because i'm not. and if there are runours, i'm going to kill mel.

squeaky clean
July 17, 2003

sometimes i fear writing in here, just because i know that what i want to write won't turn out the way i want it to once i type it. things sound so much more clever in my head. and usually i come up with the most creative things in my head right before falling asleep, when i let my thoughts become random and wander like rabid dogs. as soon as i do fall asleep, it all gets lost in the moment of the now, when my dreams take over as the most important thing in my head. it's my main downfall, i know. and that's the reason i'll never be a famous writer. not like i would want to be. hmph.

things are getting crazy, and i don't know what i should do about my personal life any longer. i feel as if everything is taking too long. there are so many things i want to do, and i am just unable to get them to come to fruition. it's maddeningly frustrating. sometimes i just want to sit down and cry because of the lack of understanding i have of life in general. i just want things to happen now, if you know what i mean. i feel as if it is all caused by money, as if i had lots of money, i would be able to do everything i want as quickly as i want it. unfortunately, even thinking about having the freedom to do something like that is a pipe dream that won't help me at all. *sigh*

July 14, 2003

I finally got the pics up from Redfish Lake yesterday... forgot to mention it in the blog earlier. so head on over to the gallery to check out the new pics. they're under "colour photographs."

too much money this weekend...

was spent. far too much. i purchased the Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Complete First Season DVD set at Fred Meyer, which was thankfully $16 less than even the Amazon price. It's something I've wanted for a while... well, the whole Star Trek TNG series is something I want. But at that price, I can only afford 1 season a month. which i suppose is fine, as it will take me that long to finish all of the episodes (26) in a season before i can move on to the next. how exciting!

other than that, to escape shopping at the grocery store, i took ben and i out to the Ram on saturday for lunch, and yen ching for dinner. ben then took both of us out to yen ching for dinner on sunday. shame on us.

sarah and zach's wedding was wonderful and gorgeous. i gorged myself on fine french yummies at the reception, along with plenty of wine. what a lovely day! the only bad part was the cheap shoes i purchased from payless for the occaision. as i expected, they only lasted half the night before making my little toes want to fall off. so i took them off. tragedy averted.

check it out, yo
July 10, 2003

as there's not much to say right now, here are some links:

beware the giant girl

lo baptist - so wrong, so so wrong

the only jewish streaming radio i've found on the inter-net - take that, christian radio!

remember the '80s?

all links are SFW, of course. more to come later! yay!

have been rather lazy
July 8, 2003

and i'm not v. proud of myself for being so. yesterday was so bloody hot, and i was out and about picking up wedding gifts and getting fillings done (!)... my car was overheating, so i was having to drive around with the heater on full-blast, which normally isn't all that horrible, but yesterday it was about 100 degrees out, so inside my car, it had to have been 120. ugh. so i was hot. fortunately, the boy came home yesterday after spending the weekend in Montana. I was pretty darned happy to see him. and i know i didn't get any of the pics up from Redfish Lake, but that's because my computer isn't hooked up at the current moment, as Zach's computer has taken over with it's downloading of mp3's, etc. so i'm going to have to wait until next weekend to do anything with the pics, as i have to go to the gym tonight, shop for a dress for the wedding tomorrow (and shoes!), go to the gym on thursday, and have the wedding on friday. yes, it's a busy week.

am having a good time reading Reading Lolita in Tehran, which has turned out to be somewhat better than i had presumed. I also purchased Lolita by Nabakov this past week, as reading the memoir about reading the book has peaked my interest. i don't think i've ever read Nabakov, so i do believe it's time to start. what do you think?

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July 2, 2003

been rather boring lately. seems the main things i'm looking forward to at this time are:

paycheck tomorrow

cancerpalooza on sat

seeing my darling after work

and that's about it... i mean, i have other things to look forward to, but it seems like they're forever in the future, and i just can't look that far ahead. ooh, i'm also looking forward to next month's paycheck. that will be sweet.

gym tonight. not really excited about that. wish i was going out to sushi tomorrow night, but if ben gets a call from his father, he's going to be in bed by the time i get home on thursday. he may or may not be going up to MT this weekend - it's all depending on the aforementioned call. it is nice to have him out for a couple of days once in a while. it gives me "me" time, and time to get things done.

been getting rather bored with my life as of late, as it seems that all i do is work, go to the gym, do the dishes, watch a movie, and sleep. really, that's all i really do. and the sad thing is is that it's all i have time for. i now know how it is to want more hours in the day, just so i could have a little time to get things done the way i want them to be done.

i can't even imagine working the 12-hour shift on friday. i'm kind of regretting signing up for it now, but it will be good, as i need the holiday time i get from working it. it's going to be awefully slow, though... i'm thinking i need to go to the bookstore tomorrow to pick some books up i can read on friday. i wish i hadn't finished harry potter already. bleh.