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All spawned by some dude on MySpace that happens to share my name:
March 30, 2006

This week has left me far too tired to attempt to put into detail all the stuff that went down in Vegas. Needless to say, I didn't lose any money, but I didn't really win any. I survived on 8 hours of sleep for 3 days, and somehow made it into work early on Monday. How's that for a Wonder Woman??

In other news, my new alter-identity!:

Zach: rastas are so overdone tho...look at the majority of laura's friends! (bad dum dum, chis)
i'm thinking more soul diva. the dreads are good, but you need to go a darker shade, like chocolate brown. grow the dreads and then pile them on your head jauntily.

then do the whole faking your death and moving to the UK under the new moniker of frosheeka.

frosheeka [lastname] will be number 1 in ultra cool. we're talking runway model baby! she'll be used by a yet undiscovered designer who, coupled with her beauty, will rocket to stardom. but frosheeka won't just be a pretty face! she's verrry tech savvy and in a changing world begins to build a technology consulting agency which specializes in the undeveloped markets of far eastern europe and central asia. never to be one to forsake her past, tho, frosheeka will always be down with a hot plate of soul food coupled with a fresh loaf of challah.

devlyn! i smell teevee series!

Alisha: cause she ain't no challah back girrrl

Devlyn: that sounds hott, baby. Frosheeka is here to stay! Now, if only my hair would grow fasterly. How about Frosheeka's husband? A white conservative guy who's kind of preppy and an odd duck in his own right.

Zach: yeah, and frosheeka is forevah trying to explain to him about things that are hip and cool and he is forever saying things in the year 2006 like "have you heard of these franz ferdinand guys?" (queue audience laughter). and then frosheeka would get herself worked up in a tizzy explaing that they have been around for a few years and then she would say she's gotta go meet her peeps "out" at the hippest club in town. where she would work it, girl.


maybe frosheeka could be a private investigator or something, what with all her geeking skillz. supermodel by day, PI by night kind of thing.
frosheeka GO, GO frosheeka, GO GO Frosheeka.


I lol'd


Posted by: LeeAnn at March 31, 2006 9:25 AM