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The city of Portland... and what happened there (part 1)
March 2, 2006

The show Laura and I attended in Portland was amazing. It took place at the cozy Mississippi Studios (on Mississippi, a block up from the famous Mississippi pizza), which charmed us with its atmosphere and friendly employ. Laura and I arrived late (due to plane issues, etc.) - 15 minutes after the show was to start, but people were still milling about, chatting softly, grabbing beers, and getting in the mood. Mississippi Studios seats maybe 70 people in stadium-like seating: in rows are chairs, mid-stools, and high-stools on two floor levels - there were a few folks sitting already, but groups of people were loosely placed, enjoying dappled quiet conversations.

Ten minutes after sitting down, wriggling from nerves and excitement, enjoying exclamations of the perfect timing and awesome venue, sipping our beers, and swinging our legs like schoolkids, Jim Infantino took the stage as the opener. Jim is incredibly charasmatic, quick-witted, clever, cute, and funny as hell - he has the energy of a 5 year-old punk rocker, but none of the attitude. He quickly made friends with the crowd via his music and banter, and cracked us up at every available opportunity. After 6 songs, he left the stage, only to be replaced by the original opening act, who had had some car issues driving down from Olympia, Washington.

Paul Plagens? Kind of sucked. Okay, he really sucked. Where Jim brought the audience up to a roar of enthusiasm for the headliner, Paul took us down to a yawning depression. He opened with a song that started with, "You'll be so sorry when you open the door to see me hung from the rafters, you bitch," (not completely literal, but damned close). The rest of the songs were similar, mixed only with harmonica and his falsetto-ish voice layered over the guitar. We slumped in our seats, suddenly feeling hungry and tired despite what we hoped the beer was doing for us. Thankfully, he left after 5 songs, never to return.

Jim's Big Ego took the stage and immediately woke everyone up. They played some of my favorite songs during the first set, including "Boston Band", "Los Angeles", and "Prince Charming", rocking the crowd, and making us all chair-dance. During the break, I waited in line nervously to see if the band would be sticking around after the show. Finally, when I was able to talk with Jim, I felt sick with nerves, and could barely swallow the saliva that had grown thick in my mouth, but I somehow finally stuttered a question: "Hey, uhm... will you guys be hanging out after the show? I'd love to talk with you, but don't want to take up your break..." Jim smiled and asked me what I would like to talk about. "Oh, er... I don't know... your music, your website... stuff like that." Suddenly Laura appeared at my left side and, bouncing, asked if she could request a couple of songs. "...'Miss Communication' and 'Stress'. I was in my office in Boise playing them all day today." Jim did a double-take, "You guys came here from Boise? Isn't that, like, far away?" "It's only an hour by plane," said I, "about 6 hours to drive. We literally just flew in to see your show, then we're going to spend some time with some friends that live here." "Wow, you guys flew in from Boise to see us??" "Yeah." "Holy crap. I don't think anyone's ever done that for us before! Sure, we'll stick around after the show. I mean, you came all this way to see us? I'd love to talk to you!" "Awesome." I said,"Well then... we'll see you in a bit."

Laura and I skipped our way out to the back porch where we hopped about like little bunnies and smoked a cigarette, exclaiming, "We just totally talked to Jim and he's all thinking we're kickass because we flew in from Boise and he totally likes us and he's sticking around after the show to hang out with us omg omg omg omg omg omg..."

I am such a fangirl.

During the break, the place had filled almost to capacity, and it was hard to get back to our seats, wedged against the far wall. When the band took the stage again, they immediately played the requested songs, played some more favorites, and did some kickass napkin poetry. They finished the set, and were cheered onto the stage again for a 2-song encore, consisting of "WTF?" and "Feelin' Groovy". The show was over, and chairs were emptying. People walked by Jim, thanked him, and went home to bed, where they surely dreamt of the awesomeness that is JBE. Laura and I went back outside after the show to calm down before talking to the band, and to let them get through all of the folks lined up by the door to get out.

After about 15 minutes, freshly purchased CDs in hand, we went back in to find the place nearly deserted. A woman had followed us in from the deck, with t-shirts she purchased, and repeatedly exclaimed how she was going to sell the signed shirts on eBay when the band got "famous", the profits of which she would use to purchase for herself a new car. From this sentence, you might get the impression that this lady was a bit annoying. She was. And she was there the entire time we were talking to Jim, Jesse, and Dan about politics (Laura & I), the press (Laura), how we found out about JBE (Laura -> Zach -> Me -> LeeAnn -> NPR), Boise (both of us), Idaho in general (us and annoying lady (who happened to be originally from Twin Falls)), g33k1ng (me, me, me!!!) and AJAX (moi again). At the mention of AJAX, Jim almost spit out his beer and ran upstairs to the green room to get the book he had just purchased on the subject. We g33ked animately about this, with Laura rolling her eyes in the background, while trying to make annoying woman leave. Jim finally said, "Well, you should give me your contact info. When we switch everything over, we'll need some developers to work on it, and you don't have to live in Boston to do that." I almost pooped myself. Scrawled on a napkin, Hi Jim! email devlyn (at) gmail (dot) com. AJAX!, which he put in his jacket pocket. By this time, the Mississippi Studios people were totally ready to close up shop (giving us the eye), and we had gotten rid of annoying woman, so we helped the band carry out equipment, hugged them all, and skipped up Mississippi towards Skidmore, clutching our signed CDs and bursting with energy. It was about 12.45am.

When we had gotten about a block down Skidmore, walking west towards the freeway overpass, we heard honking behind us. The guys were in their little white van-jeep at the stoplight on Skidmore and Mississippi. And all of them were waving at us, smiling. That, dear friends, was the best moment of the night. We beamed and waved back, our hands slicing through the harsh wind. And then they were gone.


i want to hear part 2! i just saw the shots on flickr! anymore? i wanr more more more! i'll bring many back

Posted by: Keith at March 6, 2006 12:49 PM

you are one stupid woman. i'm sorry you were too drunk and/or irony deficient to comprehend my lyrics. it's fine if you don't like it, but you clearly didn't understand the song you are referring to. and then you have the nerve to misquote the lyrics to try and further emphasize your already misguided point of view. what really sucks about the internet is that everybody gets to voice an opinion, even simple minded, white trash, alcoholic morons like yourself. do you know anything about music or art? sounds like you're just a party girl who goes to a show to be brought to a "roar of enthusiasm" and can't possibly be bothered to be "brought down" by anything or, heaven forbid, have to think a little bit. you have no business posting your very unqualified opinion for all to see. after i read a few things in your archives it was clear to me that you have no taste. if you are going to trash me on your site, please have the courtesy to leave up my rebuttal in case anyone with a brain reads it. i agree, you are truly a "fangirl". the picture of you guzzling whatever says it all. there is nothing clever about you.

Posted by: pablo diablo at March 10, 2006 3:22 AM

In Defense:
I understood that your music very well may be ironic, but the experience did not back me up. The use of ironic lyrics, especially, should be forced on the listener by having the literal meaning exist somewhere else in the song, or at least changing the rhythm and music. I did not notice such an event occurring in your songs. Since the key for irony was lost, most of the songs just turned into sad-pappy music. Maybe it was an off night for you. I don't know.
The internet is great for people such as myself to be able to spout off whatever the hell they want, even white trash, alcoholic morons. I do in fact know a little bit about music and art: I grew up in a musical and artistic family. I studied music in school and college. I do have business posting my "unqualified opinion" for all to see. I own this site. It is mine. I can do what I like with it.
I shall certainly leave up your rebuttal. Frankly, I'm amused that someone as intelligent and ironic as you should get so up in a tizzy about 1 paragraph on an unknown blog written by a fangirl with no taste.

Posted by: Devlyn Author Profile Page at March 10, 2006 10:36 AM


"California, Breezy breezy," doesn't particularly strike me to be either an ironic or artistic form of expression. Rather the words pathetic and simple come to mind.

During this particular concert, I was sitting next to my friend, whom you criticize of having no taste. She wasn't the only one not entertained with your second-grade strumming and "ironic" lyrics. I saw many people on the upper level of Mississippi Studios yawning and tapping their foot waiting for you to be finished.

Your attack on my friend is a worthless and pitiful attempt of self redemption, and I really don't appreciate you calling this woman such names.

Bad form, Pablo. Bad music and bad form.

Posted by: laura at March 10, 2006 12:49 PM

ladies please,
i was defending one song as being ironic, not all of them. and explaining to me exactly how to properly use irony in a song makes no sense. just another example of the limitations of academic institutions. off night? what do you think. driving down from olympia and arriving late because of car problems is not the best pre-show experience. but thank you for leaving my post up. unfortunately for me, this is this first thing that comes up if someone googles me. otherwise, i wouldn't bother responding.

as for your friend here, who's name calling? it's all right with me if there is a point in between the put downs, but i fail to see one. "california, breezy breezy"? simple, sure. very. but pathetic? this just seems pointless and mean spirited just like i thought the original post was. this has nothing to do with self redemption and was not a pitiful and worthless attempt at anything but making a point that i did pretty clearly in between my own stone throwing. learn how to debate, laura dear.

Posted by: pablo diablo at March 10, 2006 3:04 PM

I really haven't anything further to add to this discussion past the comment I already made. Thank you for your comments, and I'm sorry about the car trouble.

Posted by: Devlyn Author Profile Page at March 10, 2006 3:17 PM

Pablo - something to think about in the future is that if you want to have a positive googling reputation, perhaps posting hostile remarks onto any ol' random Joe Schmoe's blog who wrote about what she thought about your show and then repeatedly getting defensive about it, isn't the way to foster aforementioned positive googling reputation. I hypothesize that if you had just let it go and not worried so much about whatever random Joe Schmoe thought about some concert that maybe wasn't your best and let the post get lost into cyberspace, that would have been a better move in the long run.

Posted by: fern at March 10, 2006 3:34 PM

Oh sweetie; next time you want to defend your music to “simple minded, white trash, alcoholic morons” whose opinion you obviously do not value, try a valid argument. And do not attach my friends, or God help me, I will go Albanian on your ass.

Posted by: lolers at March 11, 2006 8:42 AM

okay look,
i thought you had nothing further to add to this conversation? you are wrong on so many points. i did have a valid argument which i guess i'll have to say one more time. judging by your misquoted lyrics it seemed like you didn't get the point of the song. which is not "you'll be sorry, bitch". i never even use the word bitch. i have said from the beginning that i don't care if you like the song or not, but saying such harsh things about someone's music and actually getting their lyrics wrong is just not cool. do you understand? if you had any decency you would have apologized and/or taken it down. you should be ashamed of yourself.

furthermore, your friend attacked me first. the order of things is all there to see. she said some brilliant thing about a lyric of mine not being an "artistic form of expression". what? any lyric is an artistic form of expression genius. and as far as her last post goes, there is no such thing as a "positive googling reputation". it's as simple as when you google me this is the first thing that pops up. that will not change right now regardless of what i do or don't say to you two. this may be "joe schmoe's" website but it's at the top of the google list right now. i wouldn't care if it was buried at the bottom. do you understand this? this seems like a cop out argument anyway and makes no sense. so, i'm glad that i did respond so that anyone who chooses to go to this link will get the whole conversation. again, please have the courage to post this so that anyone with a brain can see that i do have a point.

and finally, no i don't value your opinion. you've had many opportunities here to redeem yourself but keep choosing to dig yourself in deeper. now you've actually said you're going to "go albanian on my ass". i might have been being rather mean myself by calling you a "simple minded, white trash, alcoholic moron" but you only seem to prove this more by showing that you're violent too. when people who aren't that bright are all out of arguments, they can resort to physical threats. and this threat is racist too. it all fits together so well and at this point disecting you is just too fucking easy. i could go on and on. capital "g" god? are you a hypocritical good christian? suprise, suprise. you live in fucking idaho? now your retarded red state mentality makes perfect sense to me. you rave about a decembrists show? you probably think they're pretty deep and intellectual. so looky here, my dear from the white supremicist capitol of the country, you are way out of your league. if you want to continue this we can. it's fun for me and as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. you know, like with a gun. you should get that. i'm sure you own one. or two.

Posted by: pablo diablo at March 11, 2006 4:21 PM

Courage sans decency:
I stand by my statement that I have nothing more to say. If you read the 2 comments for which you are now defending yourself, you would see that they were not written by myself. This is an equal-opportunity website - I have allowed the posting of others' opinions as well as your own rants.
However, since you obviously cannot just let this go, and are keen to keep spewing out nothing but insults and assumptions, I am going to have the courage to ban you from commenting. End of story. The more you use this site to vent your anger, the more likely it is that it will be at the top of the google listing for your name. An intelligent person such as yourself must realize this, of course.

Oh, and just for the record... lolers is Albanian.

Posted by: Devlyn Author Profile Page at March 11, 2006 9:43 PM

I'm impressed Pablo's attacks on "your friend" lumps three people's arguments into one person. How "intelligent" is that? You sure proved your genius to me, PD.

I am further awed that Pablo brings in the terms "racist," and "stereotypical" in regards to how these FOUR DIFFERENT people have "attacked him." And in the same breath you go on to say that we here in Idaho are all gun-toting, root-tooting supremicists.

So, do us all a favor, Mister Diablo. Don't come to visit Idaho. We here flannel-wearing toothless republicans don't wantcher kind here. If that's what you really think of Idaho, get a clue and get yourself a website to promote your "art" so this "schmoe's" Web site does not come up first on a google search.

Posted by: laura at March 12, 2006 11:04 AM

yes, your right. becuse of the computer i was on i did not see that those posts were from different people. if i had seen that i would not have responded. the last thing you wrote was "sorry for the car trouble". i owe you an apology for that. and lolers too.

Posted by: pablo diablo at March 12, 2006 2:56 PM

Your apology is accepted, sir. And with that, I am closing comments on this post.

Posted by: Devlyn Author Profile Page at March 12, 2006 3:05 PM