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In which I share an experience
February 27, 2007

This morning, driving in the quickly falling snow, listening to Tarkio (ooh, the rhyme!), I was so calm. Maybe I have this snow thing down.

Last night I went to bed angry - I try to not do this, especially when it's not due to depression or my manic side. I feel kind of guilty about it now, but when I think of the circumstances again, I get all pissed off. Biting my tongue isn't making things any better.

In which I get saucy
February 25, 2007

Hello, my name is Devlyn. I know I haven't been around for a while, but there are some really really awesome excuses that I have but can't share. The drama and business that has taken place within the last couple of weeks has exponentially upped the amount of (bad) excitement in my life, which normally hovers somewhere around nil to 5 or so. Since I'm obviously not getting into that at all, let's have some general life updates!

Like I said, I was employed quite suddenly, and now that I'm all settled into the new position, it's been at least interesting. I gleaned a new friend due to the new position who, for some reason, I have clicked with so incredibly that at this point I feel as if I've known him for far longer than the 3 weeks I have. With everything going on, including the Italian lessons twice weekly, I have been left with little social time, so it seems that any time that I have an hour or 2 free, one might find me down at the bar. Everyone knows that the bar is the best place to socialize, but being at the bar for so long tends to: a) make one smell like an ashtray, and b) drink lots. Neither of which is very pleasing, normally, nor is something that I should be getting used to. Unfortunately, that exact thing seems to be happening.

Sold out showOn the 17th, Queen Alisha showed up right before the end of Shabbos, bringing me the much-sought-after ticket to The Shins show that very night. We went down to the venue, I grabbed a glass of boxed wine, and we enjoyed the opening band. There were an incredible number of high school kids there, and one well-endowed bouncing girl near the stage, all of which were great for making fun. The Shins came onto a dark stage and The Shins, rokkin the houserocked our pants off. I was so incredibly excited and happy that I almost peed myself. They played a well-mixed collection from all of their albums which included all of my favorite songs, of course. Though I really really love The Shins, and the show was awesome, they aren't the best of showmen. I was really glad to be able to experience it, and I figure I may as well get as many shows in as I can while I'm still in the states, as I may not have the opportunity to do so later. I'm getting all of this out of my system before I don't have the chance.

In which I don't necessarily rescind what I said before
February 12, 2007

I am officially not pretending any more. Thank you, everyone who was kind enough to ask about my situation. In other news, here's another letter:

Dear motherfucker thoughtful individual who slashed my tire last night,

I don't know if you were the same person who slashed my tire last time, but nonetheless, I really want to thank you. See, the tire you popped was old and bald, and I really needed to have it replaced. I totally had an extra $170 in my back pocket to purchase 2 new tires (may as well get them both done), but I could have continued putting that off for quite a while. So, instead of going directly to work this morning at 6.30 like I normally would have, I got to enjoy my dark livingroom a little longer than normal, waiting for the tire store to open so I could go give them that money. It was burning a hole in my pocket! I just had to get rid of it!

So again, thanks for the gesture, and be sure to get me again early next year!


PS. The owners of the other 3 cars you defiled may want to have a word with you. They said something about being angry... *confused shrug*

February 11, 2007

In which I'm pretending so hard right now that I'm not sure if reality can make its way through the haze.

In which I wane poetically
February 8, 2007

Dearest Gin,

You and I have had a wonderful relationship. For many years have we shared the same body, albeit more often than possibly necessary. And up until now, we've been friends. I don't know what I did to offend you, but I would really really like to be friends again; I hate being in fights with you - it burns me up inside. You used to treat me so well, and everyone liked you and I together; we were a great team. I realized this morning however, that you had left me... bitter and confused. I felt used up, cheated. We just can't go on like this. And until you're willing on treating be better, I'm going to be calling Vodka instead of you. He'll be thrilled I'm leaving you for him, if only for a little while. When you feel like growing up a little and acting nicer, you give me a call.

Missing you until then,

In which I pass the hell out
February 6, 2007

You'll have to excuse the cursing, because I think there's going to be a lot of it in this post. What a fucking weekend. And, so far? What a fucking week.

On Friday, as I was getting ready for Shabbos, I noticed that Baby Kitty was using her litterbox... well... frequently, but nothing seemed to be happening. I took note, but was really kind of busy, so just figured maybe she was kitty-constipated or something. On Saturday morningish, I stepped outside the bedroom door to a little puddle of vomit. Baby Kitty didn't want to get off the bed, and was totally listless and not looking well. I checked the litterbox and didn't see anything suspicious (what could I be looking for?), but was obviously concerned. I decided to break Shabbos to Google her symptoms, found scary information (duh), and called up a vet to take her in. 4 hours, bloodwork, crying, and $$$ later, we said goodbye (just for the night) so she could get fluids via an IV and some antibiotics for what the vet thinks (thought?) is a kidney infection. I haven't a clue how she could have come up with something like that, but being the person I am, I was sick about it until we got her back on Sunday, all shaved-armed and vet-smelling. She's been doing well since then, but I'm still all paranoid.

Next! I'm getting settled into the new job, but being around such geeks who are way more advanced in their geekdom than I am is kind of frightening. I've been out of the swing of things for about 5 months, so it's taking some time to get the geek-brain working properly. I've found that I have these little bubbles of incredible dumbness (or forgetfulness) that I have to get through, and sometimes it makes me feel so mediocre. I don't know what would have happened if I was just freelancing longer than I did - one who is in IT really needs to keep up or be left behind. And I really don't want to be left behind.

The freetimeness of my life hasn't been improved somehow. I need to figure something out so I can better handle the incredible amount of ... stuff... I need to get done in the few hours I'm awake and at home so I'm not going to sleep at 1am and waking up at 6am for work like I have been doing and having my brain exploding/puking all over me during the day. Starting right now. BuonaNotte!