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Finally, some rain!
November 9, 2007

It's been nearly dry here for the past 2 weeks (despite all protests to the contrary from those who do not reside here), and we're finally getting some v much wanted precipitation, albeit in the form of a dainty mizzle, but hey, it's better than nothing.

A paragraph with fewer run-on sentences:
Apparently, wearing my work badge outside makes me look like a tourist. While heading to the mall-placed ATM with the bf at lunch today, a rather exuberantly friendly Portland helper guide person offered some information I didn't need. She persisted to offer information despite my grateful denials of need, until I told her that I live here. She seemed a bit taken aback for just a moment, then changed face to let me know that the tree is being put up tonight. Yeah, the Christmas tree to be erected in Pioneer Square tonight. I am actually a little excited about it (I have issues with it, too), and told her so. The light changed and we were on our way.

Did you know it's Thanksgiving in like 2 weeks?

Also? I miss soccer season.