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Marked as crashed
December 27, 2007

After a little chat with Mr. Benjamin today, I have decided to remove his full name from my site. This is not because anything has actually been fixed - it hasn't. All of the information I gave before is correct and true. I have already been contacted by people who were in touch with Ben about these issues, and I feel that this is good public information to display, and that it should be available to anyone else who might be interested and in a state where this information might prove useful, i.e. future girlfriends, wives, and creditors. However, supposedly Ben thinks that this is an act of evil, and that I'm maliciously soiling his pristine name. I don't share this view, but I can see how maybe someone else might. So, while I'm leaving the post up, I'm removing the "Elvis" and the "Wood" and the names of his family.

Oh, also, supposedly according to Ben, him not paying his taxes and the IRS coming after me for it is karma for me being a horrible person. Funny - I would think it's more likely that his being an asshole about paying his own bills would be directly related to him being irresponsible.

Things I am done with

Fucking goddamned stupid shit

Thank you.

You're not from around here, are you?
December 25, 2007

Little girl in Sea-Tac concourse C, jumping up and down in front of the window on Christmas day:

"It's raining!! It's a miracle!!!"
(For the record, it was actually snowing.)

None of this is surprising, really
December 17, 2007

Wow, am I ever sick of being in a state of pretty much perpetual pissed-offedness. Yes indeedy, after the last post of "yay, life is good!", things went from mostly awesome to otherwise shite. And by shite I mean complete shite like, "wow, if I didn't have some really awesome people around me, I very well may end up homeless within the next couple of months." Seriously. Why homeless? Oh, I'm SOOO glad you asked!

You remember that guy? The one who was my husband? Yeah, him. I divorced him at the beginning of the year for many many reasons, though one of the main reasons was because he was a man who was completely undependable. I wouldn't trust him with my life nor the life of our almost-child. Oh, and he doesn't like to pay his taxes. Now, I knew this a few years into our relationship and before we got married, it was understood that he really needed to take care of the issues with him not paying the government, with much debate from his side on how it's illegal for the gov to ask for citizens' money, etc etc. Well, guess what? Last-last November, I loaned him $1400 to get started on the tax-paying from 2003-2005. In April, we filed a joint return, as Idaho is a community property state, and there was no other way to do it. And since I had figured out that if I had filed separately, I would have actually gotten a tax return for nearly $2,000, and since Benjamin had paid *no* taxes, social security, or anything else that year, it was agreed that he would pay the debt owed to the IRS.

Guess what hasn't happened! That's right, boys and girls! Benjamin has not, in fact, paid off the 2006 taxes. Not even close! By what the IRS tells me, there was a payment back in May, but nothing has been done since. I, of course, continued to get letters asking for money from the IRS, but every time I would ask Benjamin about it, he said that things were "taken care of" and that I shouldn't worry about it. And so I did, being the trusting person I am. Oops! Last Wednesday (1,2,3,4, FIVE days ago) a levy was placed on MY checking account. Why mine? Because my number was the first social security number on the tax form! Becuase I had actually paid my taxes all the years prior! This is what I get for being a good little citizen (note: afaik, no levy was placed on Benjamin's account)! So, of course, I call Ben and, at this point, TELL him to take care of things, since what is in that account is supposed to, you know, pay for my bills and food and things that allow me to LIVE, and I'll bet you can figure this part out, but what has been done? Nothing! Nothing has been done to help me access the money I earned busting my ass 40 hours a week. Not amazingly, Ben has become very suddenly rather impossible to contact, and I am left getting FUCKED OVER. The thing about this is? Fixing the issue is rather easy: Either I can agree to pay off the over $6,000 that is owed to the federal government by Benjamin Wood, or he can call up the IRS and agree to make a payment plan that would cost him a mere $86 a month. Since nothing has been done, and I'm screwed, I've started some paperwork that should help me get out of this in the long run, but that's not going to help me pay my rent this month.

As one may understand, this has left me with a large headache and I'm kind of pissed off for most of the day. The last I heard, after talking to Benjamin on Friday night, he had filled out some form and was going to call the IRS today. I've called him approximately 83 times today so far to no avail. My paycheck that's supposed to be deposited tomorrow will be rejected by my bank, and I'm not sure when I'll be able to get it. This has rather affected my life in a bad way.

Anyone looking for information on Benjamin So-and-so*, currently residing in Boise, Idaho, please let me know - you can email me at my gmail address under devlyn. Yes, the Benjamin So-and-so born on his birthday, brother of So-and-so, son of So-and-so and So-and-so. Thanks!

*Names changed to protect the guilty

Oh, is this my website?
December 11, 2007

I don't want to say anything silly like "living in Portland has made me more eco-conscious," because that's rather preposterous and frankly douchebag-sounding. So I won't. However, living here has certainly made things such as not driving my car but once every 2 weeks and recycling at least half of my weekly garbage things I take rather for granted. I have subscribed to more RSS feeds about environmental issues such as renewable energy, self-sustaining housing, and mass transit since moving here, and there are college kids on every corner asking me to sign some piece of paper (!) and give them money in the name of the environment. Which I don't. I do things my own way - I'm not giving crap to the Boise Urban Tribe Holiday Donation scheme, and I don't give cans to toys for tots. I'm getting gifts these here holidays for exactly 3 people (mom, grandma, boyfriend), and I'll continue to contribute to worthy charities and such throughout the year like I always have.

I suppose the whole "reduce -> reuse -> recycle" thing is just far more in ones' face here, but it makes things easy. And if there's one thing I know about humanity, it's that people don't like to do most anything unless it's easy. Lazy fuckers. Also, kids with petitions? Don't talk to me. I ignore you for a reason, and it's usually because I either don't care, or don't care enough.

So I suppose that comes around full-circle to why I haven't been writing. I feel like I've likely covered this before, or at least I've thought of the blog post for this before. But fuck it. I've been censoring myself because I know that the majority of those who read this are those I know and a number of those people are those with whom I am no longer friendly. Not necessarily enemy-types, but those that are likely to talk about me behind my back no matter what I'm saying here. So, fuck you, you people.

Life, for the most part, is going incredibly well. The temporary situation of the boyfriend living with me has become an un-temporary situation, and I'm actually enjoying having him around a lot. Crossing all the city's bridges in one night is becoming an obsession for me, since I've only been over a couple of them by car, so when the bf and I were heading back home last night from helping out the Bob move some crap, and we went over the Broadway bridge (1st time! Woot!), I was still all giggly and excited about it as I fell asleep an hour later. Going over large bridges has always made me a little high, so living in a city of soaring bridges has had a bit of a strange affect on me. I'm glad I live on the east side and work downtown so I get to see them, my bridges, every morning and afternoon. Bridges left to cross (by foot or motor vehicle): Sellwood, Ross Island (before it falls down!), Fremont.

I apologize for the randomness. I'm rather tired. Hopefully now I'll think of something intelligent and interesting to say for the next time.