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Funny queer, not funny
February 13, 2010

It's funny how some things become less important as time goes by. This blog is something like 9 years old, and I've never really been good at writing in it. I've never been particularly good about writing any of the blogs I've had, even when I'm super excited about the subject (see: TheCleverChef.net), which, really? Oh the fuck well. At some point, the lack of communication was based in laziness or frustration in not being able to put into words the thoughts I have constantly running about in my noggin. But at this time, it's more for lack of time. I'm living life. that's another strange occurrence: nearly every time I have time to chill at home, I either clean or completely veg out due to exhaustion. I don't know nor care about how many people actually read this any more. This blog was never around for the readers - it was a way for me to have an outlet when I needed to vent, or, more likely, needed a testing ground for writing code.

Be that as it may, I have a feeling that I might get some readers now that my name is more public (though I've been keeping my name pretty private on this site), usually those who know about it know who I am, etc etc, but there are certainly ways for people to be somewhat stalkerish and make his or her way here. So, to those people? Enjoy. Welcome to the personal part of my brain.

Otherwise, how I've been spending the past few months:
Minitrip to Boise in Dec with Peter, Saw friends, family visits, lots of Bamboo Sushi, enjoying my new apartment, fixing up my kitchen, keeping the cats from peeing on things, knitting with the TALK ladies, dancing, walking, gymming, listning, enjoying, creating, reflecting, learning, starting my show on pdx.fm, taking over for a week, meeting new people, gaining Aka-chan's trust, buying, traveling, planning, looking tenaciously toward Timbers season, working on TimbersArmy.org, visiting, singing, volunteering, doing blue-collar work, moving my desk once again, getting through the end of season 2 of BSG again, biting off more than I can chew (but somehow gnawing through anyhow), researching, contacting people I've never dreamed of speaking to, enjoying myself, and enjoying others. And I'm sure there's plenty more I've forgotten to mention. Things are good. Really good.