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Sometimes, it's been so long...
August 5, 2010

That I actually forget where the silly login page is for this blog. I've been working more and more with WordPress, and this site is run on Movable Type still... If I have some time in the future, I might move it over. Then again, probably not.

So, speaking of dreams, I had this one last night that really pissed me off. I absolutely hate feeling violated, whether in dreams or not. It's pretty rare for me to feel that way in reality, so when it happens during something that's totally out of my control, I'm even more mad about the situation. In my dream last night, I was walking with Peter when I happened to see an ex-boyfriend. This ex-boyfriend was with a girl who looked familiar, and since I had no specific emotions tied to this person's presence, we continued walking past the couple. The ex at that point stopped to greet me, and I was annoyed that he would do so. He was really happy to see me (this, coming from a person who was rather inexpressive in real life), and wanted to show me something on his iPad. I stopped and was curious as to what he wanted to show me, as I hadn't been in contact with him in well over a year. He pushed Peter aside and stood next to me to show me the device, and in doing so, put his arm over my shoulder. I was so sickened with that feeling that I immediately shoved him away. He was surprised I should do so, and his female companion looked mightily pissed off. I took Peter's hand and started walking away. The ex called after me, but I ignored him and continued walking. All in all, it was really disturbing and I woke up feeling rather annoyed. Luckily, Peter was there, and I was able to lean into him and get back to sleep.

I've had similar dreams throughout my life, and I really wish there were some way of preventing them from happening. I guess writing about it at least helps me get over it quicker.