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ahoy ye mateys! just eating
January 20, 2003

ahoy ye mateys!
just eating some left over curry and decided to do a "shout out" (as mel would put it). here are the stats!:
sountrack to this post: that dog. more specifically, multiple listenings of "Long Island": by definition a crush must hurt, and they do... and they do... just like the one i have on you... anyhow, since that dog doesn't have an "official" website (dood, whatever), try google to find a good one, okay?
updates: well, not a whole lot has happened since yesterday... however, i guess i can throw a couple of things at you... finally got ahold of someone at qwest who could help me with my DSL issues (see below), so i should be back in the world of not getting pissed off waiting for pages to load soon...
seems like every time i get home from the gym, i feel all good and happy and full of life, etc bullshit.... and then i don't want to go sometimes... what's up with that? oh well, i'm forcing myself to go every day... weighed myself today, and i've lost just about 30# since i started working out. so that's kewl... just about 50# to go... woo hoo! *ahem*
anyhow, i just bit a large chunk out of my mouth.
i highly recommend eating curry. chicken curry, specifically. eventually, i'll put recipes up for stuff that i make that seem like no one else makes. so then i can be all original and special. just like everyone else. ah, to finally finally fit in.