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so i thought i should
January 31, 2003

so i thought i should post. at least something, ne? was just out at wil's place and was confronted by the fact that a lot of ppl have blogs. much more interesting blogs than me. it's rather depressing. oh, if only i could go to japan, and make ppl look at pictures of such and explain about what an awesome time i had. pooh.
and another thing is that ben is leaving in like a week, and he's taking the camera with him. which means that i won't have a digital camera for when i go to WI, and that sucks. it also means that i'm going to have to bring my little 35mm out. i have grown too lazy. i just forget to get pics developed, and then when i find some miscellaneous roll of used film, i can't remember where it came from, and i usually just end up throwing it away, because i don't know if it's mine, or if i would actually care if i got it developed.
this time i can make a change, damnit. i will take pics while i'm in WI, and i WILL get them developed. like right away and stuff! grrr! *ahem*