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So, once again a
January 5, 2003

So, once again a Sunday has gone by where I have done absolutely nothing. The sad thing is that I can't really remember what exactly I did. I remember getting out of bed at 2:30pm, and finally taking a shower around 3 ... after that, i made some food, and that basically brings us up to this point.
Ben and I watched "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" tonight. It was a DVD I got him for Xmas. I must have seen that movie a thousand times when I was a kid, but it still seems funny to me. Completely stupid and funny.
Anyhow, since I really don't know yet what I'm going to use this for yet, I think I'm going to just leave this post as it is... I'll be getting on TSO now, and making some moolah there. Should be fun! Love to all who read this (hi LeeAnn!!).