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i figured out today that
March 21, 2003

i figured out today that i have far too much internal conflict for an over-priviledged american. there are things that i agree with, and yet don't really agree with in today's society... i.e. the war against iraq. i don't agree with w's own reasoning for going over there, and yet i agree with getting hussein out of the power-seat. so i don't know how to resolve that within myself. i agree with the fact that the israeli jews have land in israel, but i don't agree with the ousting of the palestinians from the land. and again, i don't know how one would resolve that conflict, either. there are just too many black and white situations where there should be grey spots, and yet there aren't any.
i recently gleaned a library card from the boise library. i have been ignoring this public facility for far too long, and now i'm actually using it. i love libraries. and i'm glad that people use them. i think, though, that there aren't enough people who use them. people use their teevees or computers for education instead. that's all fine and dandy, but the american people need to start using their brains a little more. myself included.
why does it seem that most people who have actually done something with and for themselves have done so after coming from an under-priviledged society or family. why is it that the people who grew up with things, and got through life rather easily never really do anything with their lives? is it because they just expect their own lives to continue onwards in the same fashion? i am one of these people. i grew up in an upper-middle class home, but lost everything at the age of 14... after going through many years of being "american-poor", i am able to provide for myself. i know too many people who aren't even able to do that. though there are many others, who grew up with nothing, that are now able to own companies, etc. is this just something that happens in the US? or is this something that comes from being human in general? i haven't spent enough time in foreign lands to be able to figure this out for myself. just one other thing to busy my mind with, i guess....
for today...