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seen at a christian bookstore
March 14, 2003

seen at a christian bookstore (don't ask):

Harry Potter
Witchcraft Repackaged:
Making Evil Look Innocent


okay, so this isn't really a rant. i just think it's funny... there are a ton of books and videos that are "christian-oriented" having to do with the evil of Harry Potter books and, believe it or not, pokémon and hobbits. a small list. so i'm just wondering what is so evil about these books. is it the fantasy aspect? or is it the magic aspect in the books that makes them evil and on the same plane with "satan"? i guess i would actually have to pick one up and read it. maybe i can get one at the library, because there's no way i am spending my hard-earned secular money on that stuff. pah.

PS this is as good as the onion.