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so i'm the big slacker
April 1, 2003

so i'm the big slacker now. yeah yeah. but at least i got the new gallery up. and new pics, too! there aren't too many, but yesterday it was gorgeous outside, and today it's all rainy. if it's nice tomorrow, i'm going to head to the park to take some pics, and i'll post them asap. dig? other than that, i am part of the lovely unemployed, looking for a job. i really rather hate being unemployed, as i have all of this time on my hands, but no money to actually go and do anything. unemployment insurance is nothing compared to what i was making, so i'm going to have to be rather frugal for the time being, so i don't really screw myself.
if anyone knows of a kickass job that is in the boise, idaho area that would pay me at least $13 an hour or more, please email me to let me know. take a look at my resume... i've been doing tech support (or customer service coordinator, which i guess was my real title) for little over 3 years, and i have a ton of hardware and software knowledge. i prefer to work onsite rather than offsite (aka call center), but will pretty much take anything at this point. i am desperate. i am also interested in getting into technical writing and web design *wink, wink*....
anyhow, that was a shameless self-promotion if i ever heard (or read) one... that's all for now... will let all of you know when i update everything.
ja ne! ^_^