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as everyone should know, there
May 16, 2003

as everyone should know, there was a wonderful lunar eclipse yesterday, viewable from north america and parts of south america. i, of course, missed it, but the moon provided a wonderful bright light for the rest of the night which was rather soothing. for some reason, whenever the moon is really bright, it makes things more calm. i notice more sounds and whatnot when there is a new moon, and i tend to be more afraid of the dark, of course. but that may have something to do with the racoons that like to get into the backyard and mess with things, when i have to go down in the basement to get the laundry, and they come after me... ack!
so there's a new store in the mall (caution: horrible website) that's called Bearmakerz Boulevard, and they have the bloody cutest stuffed animals there... you choose which animal you want to get, and they stuff it for you, so you can make it as hard or soft as you like, and then they have little clothes for all of them, and you can make birth certificates there for the animals and all that! ooh, it's just sooo damned exciting. i'm planning on going there this weekend and getting myself a bunny rabbit. we have a lot of bears, and bear-type animals (ie. koalas), but no rabbits! imagine the shock! so they have a really really cute rabbit there, so i'm going to get it and put it in a cute little outfit. then i'll take pictures, and make a little page, just for him. ^_^
okay, so i love cute things. i can't help it. i'm a sucker for the cute, kawaii, etc.. i just get all excited like i'm 5 again, and getting something new. i can't wait to have kids to get them as many stuffed animals as they can handle. guh! okay, that's all for today... i'm not going to be able to concentrate at work now, because i have bears on the brain. ^_^