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sometimes i have the strangest
May 20, 2003

sometimes i have the strangest dreams.
this morning, after hitting the snooze on the alarm for the 5th time, i dreamt about ben hiding a bomb in my backpack(?). it was just really strange. LeeAnn was living here again, and she had come to pick me up at ben's mom's house. i was really pissed off about ben putting a bomb in my bag, so i took it out and threw it at the house. it didn't explode or anything, but leeann and i took off and went to a hotel. we went to sleep, and when i "woke up" in the hotel, i looked at my cell phone, and i had missed something like 73 calls... my batteries were too low in my phone to check my messages, so i was going to borrow leeann's phone, but she wasn't in the bed with me any longer. instead, ben was there, and i was really happy and relieved to see him there. i don't remember him saying anything to me, but i somehow got the impression that leeann had left during the night, and ben had come in to take her place. it was really quite strange. after that, i couldn't get the radio/teevee to turn off in the room, and i remember going around turning everything off, but the noise wouldn't stop. that, of course, was my alarm clock in the "real world", and i finally got myself out of bed.


Meh this comment was lost too...

You have weird dreams...cool, but weird :)

ps - I used to have those dreams about Wil when I was 12 too lol :D

Posted by: LeeAnn at May 22, 2003 7:40 AM