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too much money this weekend...
July 14, 2003

was spent. far too much. i purchased the Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Complete First Season DVD set at Fred Meyer, which was thankfully $16 less than even the Amazon price. It's something I've wanted for a while... well, the whole Star Trek TNG series is something I want. But at that price, I can only afford 1 season a month. which i suppose is fine, as it will take me that long to finish all of the episodes (26) in a season before i can move on to the next. how exciting!

other than that, to escape shopping at the grocery store, i took ben and i out to the Ram on saturday for lunch, and yen ching for dinner. ben then took both of us out to yen ching for dinner on sunday. shame on us.

sarah and zach's wedding was wonderful and gorgeous. i gorged myself on fine french yummies at the reception, along with plenty of wine. what a lovely day! the only bad part was the cheap shoes i purchased from payless for the occaision. as i expected, they only lasted half the night before making my little toes want to fall off. so i took them off. tragedy averted.