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something i should have posted yesterday:
September 26, 2003

So I finally got about half of the pics I want to put up of Savannah done, and hopefully I’ll get the rest ready tonight. It’s taking me a while to figure out which ones to kill and which ones to keep because there are far too many good pics in here. Just to warn you, some of them have been touched up. Mostly just color correction and brightness. I didn’t do anything hardcore like taking out peoples’ heads or moving someone over 6” in the picture; Ben can do that kind of shit. I’m just not that good at photoshop. I’m better at other things. Pfftah.
Sometimes I freak myself out, realizing that I don’t have a tongue ring any longer. I had had it since May 1997, and kept it until about this last June. That’s 5 years in layperson’s terms. Once in a while, I’ll go to scratch the top of my mouth with it, and it’s just not there. I took it out because I kind of got sick of it, but now I’m missing it. =-<
Wow. Since I wrote this in word, all of my capitalization is correct and stuff. Oh well, there goes my reputation. I’ll update this blorg with a link once the pics are complete and ready for your viewing pleasure. Koi ^_^