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dream a little dream...
November 4, 2003

Well, it started out with zach and corey going to japan, which I was rather quite pissed off about. Then it ended up being zach and I going to california (san jose to be specific) to see fern, because she had moved down there for a new high-paying jorb or something having to do with high-tech and french. So fern picks us up at the airport, and zach and I drive with her to her workplace, because she had to go back to work, and we were going to borrow her car to tool around in. I remembered all of the streets, and all of the cool vines with really big leaves, and I'm all, "hey, I know where I'm at - we're next to my dad's old work, too!" blah blah blah, etc. so fern drives up to the gate at the workplace and scans her badge, which makes the gate go up, and the chain-link fence open, but then a buzzer rings, and it won't let her in, so both her and zach get out of the car (I was in the backseat), and zach somehow gets behind the gate, and fern and I are stuck out front. The security guys come over and are all asking her questions, and zach gets pulled into the security booth for more questions. I look back at the car, and there's a monkey climbing up the antenna (*L*). So I'm all like, "well, I'm taking off then. What time do you need the car back?" no one answers me, so I just took fern's car and drove to my dad's house, where he looked really young with a horrible haircut. I was hanging out with my dad and stepmom when my aunt (on my mom's side) comes, and we all start talking about sashimi. Suddenly, the door opens, and tons of ppl start pouring through, so I ask my dad what's going on, and he says that they're having a family reunion. But it's not my family, it's his brother's family, who just happens to be living with him. So I'm all into leaving, but I can't get my aunt to shut up about the sashimi, and that's really the last part I remember.