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starting over
February 11, 2004

I had to make a v. tough decision last weekend. The sweater I had been working on for over a month had gotten up to the point where I started a new colour, and as I was reading through the pattern, I realized I had been using the incorrect needle size this whole time. I put the sweater on (it only came up to my breasts), and realized that it was, indeed, a bit on the small size.

I had one of two options; 1) I could either continue the sweater, finish it up, and give it to someone smaller than I or 2) completely scrap the sweater and start again from the beginning. I chose to do the latter. As this is my first attempt at a sweater, some places were obviously sloppy, and I wasn’t too offended knowing that I needed to complete those areas again. Also, I did want to keep the sweater, as it should turn out v. cute, and one cannot have enough cute sweaters.

So I completely undid what I had been doing for the past month or so… I rolled the yarn up into 3 balls and started again. I completed one half of the bottom last night while watching Six Feet Under, and I am rather looking forward to doing it all over again.

In other news, I was in line behind the slowest ever bagging girl at Winco yesterday.
Begin public service announcement:
When in a grocery store like Winco, where one must bag his or her own groceries in exchange for Big Money Savings (and a chance to avoid Albertson's at all costs), please do the following:

1. Move your cart to the end of the aisle/conveyor belt where your food will end up. Do not block the aisle, as someone else will be coming down it soon, and you will need to move it anyhow.
2. As you place your purchases on the conveyor belt/counter before the checker, make sure they’re organized into groups that are easily packable together.
3. Do not, under any circumstances, wait until all of your groceries have been totaled to start packing your bags. This will slow everyone in the entire store to a mere crawl.
4. Do not, under any circumstances, smile at me while slowly bagging your groceries. If you have enough time to smile, you have enough time to hurry the fuck up and get the hell out of my way.
5. If you have completely ignored all guidelines above, don’t look horribly offended when I sigh and look v. impatient. I am a VIP, yo, and I don’t have the time to hang out for hours at the bloody grocery store while you pick and choose what veggies are going with the bleach in the bag you’re packing.
6. After all is said and done, and you have completed your 15-minute packing of the trolley, please oh please, do not push the said trolley away v. v. v. slowly, sifting through your wallet. Someone just may run into you with her cart. Accidentally.
/end public service announcement.