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March 8, 2004

So for the past 2 years or so, I’ve been thinking a lot about joining a local dojo to start taking kung fu lessons again. Mind you, I was in a kung fu dojo for about 2 years, circa 1990, and have not sparred since. So on Saturday, when the boy and I were heading out to Eagle to get his hair cute, I saw a new kung fu place had opened right there on State St. I was v. excited, as most of the karate places around here are of the other sorts, i.e. tai chi or whatever. The only other kung fu dojo I knew of was on Chinden in Garden Shitty City, in an old run-down building. So I pretty much made up my mind right then and there in the car to call up the place to see what’s going on.

Lo and behold, when we reached the barber’s in Eagle, I noticed a drawing box on the counter. You know, one of those little punch-out cardboard boxes with a slot in the top commonly used for drawings or signing up for gyms at odd places. Only this one was for the exact same aforementioned kung fu dojo on State St. Of course, it was kismet. I hurriedly filled out a form, slipped it in the slot, and am anxiously awaiting a phone call from them. The form said that I would get 4 weeks free, but I know enough to have the money to purchase a gi and whatnot.

I’m just really really excited about this prospect. A year ago I may not have filled out the form or taken steps to actually be a part of this, but now I feel like I’m ready to take on something new. I won’t kid myself: this will be hard, but well worth it. I know that I will most likely get horribly sore after the first few sessions. I’m actually quite looking forward to it.

I badly need a change from the gym. My visits are becoming more like sentences, and I rarely actually want to go. I still force myself, and I realize that it’s all worth the effort, but it’s just not fun. I’ve never really liked going to the gym, even though it makes me feel good eventually. The cardio section of my workout consists of dull repetitive motions, even when I’m doing intervals. I barely put it up with weight training. I know I need to do something; I’ve even thought of actually taking up jogging, and I’m in no way a jogger or runner.

I’ll let you know how it goes once I get into it. I highly suggest to anyone trying to release extra poundage to get into a physical activity that you like. Everyone is different (uhm, duh), but even taking a stroll around the block or riding your bike on the weekends helps a bit. I wish I had a friend that would have fun going with me, but most of my friends are far too interested in not working out at all, or just not paying the extra money. Maybe it will be good to have something I can really get into myself.

I’m so fucking excited.


Dev, congrats on finding a new way to mix it up. I hear what you are saying about the gym. I try to think of my visits to the ymca not as sentences, but as something necessary to prep me for the other activities I enjoy (skiing, backpacking, bicycling, etc.). I am sure the kung fu is strong in you.

Posted by: Amy at March 8, 2004 2:03 PM

Dev - Way to go on the ol' kung fu. I think that that is a most stellar idea.
However, I disagree when you say that most of your friends are up for the non-physical activity aspect of life...when yours truly is way into the physical activity. Although you are correct on the not-spending-money-on-the-physical-activity.

Posted by: fern at March 8, 2004 2:13 PM

I wish I'd gotten into martial arts when I was a kid!

I am a runner, though. It's fun. Nothing beats running for clearing your head and getting rid of the stress.

Posted by: lotus at March 8, 2004 6:40 PM

that would be a whole lot of fun. shame you're not in hongkong, otherwise we could have done kickboxing together.

Posted by: j-a at March 9, 2004 12:48 AM

hee... when i was talking about the "most of my friends" not up for physical activity, i was mostly talking about zach. actually, i guess fern, amy, sara, turbo, corey, parker-parker, and others totally go to the gym and/or exercise rather frequently. so just zach.
i would love to be able to run for long distances, but i tend to want to rip my lungs out after jogging for like 5 minutes. icky. need to quit the smoking.
i would totally love the kickboxing... i wish my gym offered it. harumph.

Posted by: devlyn at March 9, 2004 8:30 AM

i would be up for physical activity if i found something that i actually find enjoyable. i don't like going to the gym, and there is no other physical activity that i have tried that i like so i can't do the may approach. so blah.

plus i don't want to spend the money

Posted by: zach at March 9, 2004 8:50 AM