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I am the walrus, I am the eggman
May 20, 2004

Apparently, not only am I a 46-year-old pedophile, but I’m a 14 year old girl. This makes sense in many ways to me, as I fall pretty much right in between the two ages. I’ll be turning 25 in a few months, and I’m thinking that for some reason, I’m having some kind of mid-20’s breakdown or something. Well, maybe breakdown isn’t really the best word. I just seem to be reverting to these things that I had during childhood that are still so v. cool in my eyes.

I have celebrity crushes. This came upon me suddenly, like a ray of sunlight slicing through the clouds after a rainstorm. I really haven’t had anything like this in a good while; really, I can’t remember having a celebrity crush since I was in high school. Sure, I’ve thought that some of the guys and gals were cute up there on the big silver screen, or the teevee, heck, even the intersphereonet, but I haven’t really had a real crush. I’m up to the point of wanting to write these crushes, have their autographs, or just be able to see them from across the room, as it would totally knock my socks off. It’s to the point where I am halfway internet stalking these celebs, wanting to know more about them, wanting to find candid shots of them, wanting to see if I can find more information about their thoughts and dreams and definitely what kind of girls they like, and how to become one of these girls so that they will love me forever and ever.

Maybe my hormones are off or something, but it actually may have more to do with watching a teevee show on the ol’ computer last night. I’m a big fan of BBC teevee, and (to digress) I have this fear that if I ever move to the UK, I’ll gain 500lbs. from sitting around to watching the beeb, because the beeb rox, and I could totally become addicted. There’s this show on the BBC (or at least it used to be on the BBC) that’s called The Office. This show kicks ass. I hate a lot of teevee, so for me to say that I love The Office means that it’s better than 99.9% of the teevee that I’ve ever seen. Ever. I own the series 1 and 2 on DVD, but was disappointed to see that the series 2 DVD did not include the Christmas Special that ran last year (2003 – the show originally aired in 2001). So, the boy downloaded the special so we could finish up the series, as the special is really the true ending for the show.

Last night I laughed, I cried, my heart broke and was made whole again in 2 hours. Watching the 2 parts of the Christmas special was possibly the best time I have spent on anything recreational in a long long time. I highly recommend downloading it, of course, as it is not available in the US at this time (rumor states that the beeb will be releasing a DVD of the special around Christmas this year). However, if you have not seen any of The Office series, do not watch it out of order! To do so would be a grave mistake, and a total waste of your time.

To regress, one of the main actors in the show is what I consider hott. He is so totally my boyfriend, only I have a fiancé who is so totally kickass. Sometimes this is setback, though; it keeps me from hopping on a plane and stalking my crushes overseas.


A couple years ago at the ripe old age of about 27, I got it bad for Joseph Fiennes. Squealing, sighing at the movie, the whole bit. Good to know that all that nonsense is still waiting just beneath the veneer of adulthood.

Posted by: Auntie Sarah at May 21, 2004 5:44 PM

young lady, you are very very young indeed.

Posted by: j-a at May 24, 2004 3:32 AM

Ms. J-A - that may be, but i'm starting to feel old. especially when i see high school kids these days - ick!
Auntie Sarah - indeed, Joseph Fiennes is v. v. hot. However, I don't have a current crush on him, so he is all yours. ^_^

Posted by: Devlyn at May 24, 2004 5:08 AM

I think the b-friend is gone too much. and there's nothing wrong with crushes its only wrong if you act on them. luv ya aunt su

Posted by: aunti su at May 24, 2004 8:55 AM

if you want to see old, i can show you my wrinkles. it's crazy but true - i started developing wrinkles when i turned 27, just like that (snaps fingers).

so you know what to do when you turn 27, dev.

Posted by: j-a at May 25, 2004 12:09 PM

Finally! I thought I was going insane. I turn 25 in 2 weeks and I am feeling the exact same way. Maybe it is a mid 20's thing. I started using eye cream,lol, even though everyone I meet is convinced I am 18.

As far as the crushes....I'm afraid I never really left this stage. My crush of the moment is currently Josh Duhamel from that show "Las Vegas". Yummy.

Posted by: Laura at May 25, 2004 4:05 PM

i already have permenant smile lines. i need to quit smoking, as i've seen some 40-yo smokers, and they all look like they're 60. ick. and i totally don't want to be like that. maybe getting away from all of the smokers in my life for a week (holiday in MI) will help me kick the ol' habit. *sigh*

Posted by: devlyn at May 25, 2004 6:05 PM