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January 13, 2005

It seems I constantly have something huge up my sleeve. Not only am I planning my wedding (August - eep!), but my car is broken, and I'm leaving for France in a month. On an aside, I also happened to figure out how to bite one of the underside danglies of my tongue yesterday while eating lunch. This is clearly a Guinness Book of World Records feat, as I don't know anyone else that's actually able to do this. My tongue is hurting quite a bit still.

So, the wedding? it?' just now getting planned, even though it's only 7 months away. I guess I'm kind of worked up about it, as I tend to get bursts of nervous energy whenever thinking about anything like catering, site setup, dresses, or bridesmaids. Not only am I doing most of the planning and setup myself, but the B is out of town currently - he'll be back for 2 weeks at the end of the month, then he's off again for another 5 weeks. There's a lot to do in those 2 weeks (order invitations, get the "save the date" cards sent off, try on dresses, etc.), so I?m sure that updating this site will be the furthest from my top priority. Blame it on being a bridezilla.

Since I'm planning on getting married in August, and I'm about 5 pounds heavier than I was in November, I?'e been spending most of my free time exercising at home and at the gym. I've also put myself on a strict diet that I?ve been extreme about sticking to. I guess it's all rather silly. I feel strange to be working so hard on losing weight now that I actually have a real goal in mind. I also don't want to do this the wrong way. I've been catching myself thinking badly about food in general, which is no way to think. And I don't want to start thinking about "once I get to ***lbs, I can do this and that." I just don't want to get obsessive. Then again, if I'm thinking about this right now, I guess it means that I'm not. So, moot point.

Some pictures from OZ! We just got these developed, and some of them turned out rather well:

the B, his mom, and me coral more coral me, swimming. ignore the thighs. anenamenames NOW! even MORE coral! coral with burrowing clam mouths (all i wanted to do was poke them, and i refrained).


Dev, I have honestly never been so interested in weddings before, but I am finding this all very exciting. On the weight loss note - - see, you're going the exercise route, and as far as I am concerned, exercising has intrinsic value because it's just a good thing for people to do.

Posted by: fern at January 14, 2005 9:25 AM

AARRGHHH!!! devlyn we're both going to be bridezillas!!!!

congratulations - didn't know you were getting married. it's a good thing you're doing.

Posted by: j-a at January 20, 2005 7:25 AM

yeah, the wedding planning is actually kind of fun, albeit stressful. for when is your wedding planned, j-a?

Posted by: Devlyn at January 26, 2005 8:01 AM