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your patience is appreciated...
February 8, 2005

as some of you may be able to tell, i've been messing around with my stylesheet a bit today. though pretty and whatnot, this stylesheet/pics/whatnot was not created by me, and therefore won't be hanging around for very long. the design was made by the people at notthatugly.com, which is linked in the navbar. the final-ish site design by yours truly should be up once i get back from France - about 3 weeks.
other than that, there's really not much going on at this point. the B has taken off for Egypt, and will be gone for 5 weeks. France is looming, knocking me a bit towards the sharp edge of reason, with all of the wedding stuff going on as well. i'm still looking for a photographer, but i'm hoping that this (gasp) bridal show at ye olde Centre on the Grove will give some better ideas than the ones that google came up with, which were mostly crap. in tow will be the maid of honor, slowly hobbling on the one leg i've left her with after chomping off the other (this is my site - i can blame anything and everything on myself here). maybe there'll be some freebies.


You are FUNNY. Yay bridal crap show. You are so lucky you asked me to be in your wedding, cause I love this stuff and even I am a little scared of the briday crap show at the grove! Kisses.

Posted by: amy at February 9, 2005 9:09 AM

very pretty. kung hei fat choy (a day late, but better late than never).

Posted by: j-a at February 10, 2005 8:19 AM