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A possible start of the long goodbye
April 25, 2005

I have this well of jealousy currently filling up with its green murkiness in the middle of my chest today. The Redhead made it to his temporary abode in Queens on Saturday, fresh from the drunkiest drunken churchagogo that I’ve ever personally attended. New York seems to be this really kickass place – I mean, I haven’t been there in years, but I’m really really wanting to visit now. I know that it is somewhere I would never live – too damned cold in the winter, too damned hot (and stinky) in the summer. But just the people… they’re all so cute, and tough. All of the NYC blog kids that I read just seem like they would be people I would totally hang out with and threaten to cut at the slightest provocation. And they would be cool with that.

Now that the Urban(e) Tribe is spreading so thinly, I feel as if it’s almost my time to go. Where, I don’t know at this point. All I do know is that I am so v. ready to leave here. Even with the incredible weather today, Boise is totally dragging me down. Holding me back, even.

This past weekend was filled with a lot of non-sleep, alcohol, good food, too many cigarettes, too much money, and Jews. Pesach at our house got started late (of course), and there were some instances of things not going exactly right (matzah-ball explosion = matzah soup = not yummy). But mostly everything turned out well on our end. The Lubavitcher seder I attended last night rocked my pants off (erm, I was wearing a skirt, but still), and though Ben didn’t attend, I felt equally welcome as everyone else.

Pictures forthcoming. If you can’t wait, see last year’s seder.

**EDIT** can’t find the pictures of last year’s seder for some reason. So, you’ll just have to wait. Suck it up. Instead, here’s a picture of Jerusalem taken by Ben when he was there last summer.

Eep! There are pictures of aforementioned drunky churchagogo (incl. some of me -- obligatory pink sweater) up at loler's site!


new york is cool except for the high cost of living. maybe instead of moving here you can just come for a holiday.

Posted by: j-a at April 26, 2005 2:19 PM

Ok, I hate to gloat or rub it in..but New York City IS a kickass place!!

Posted by: teahouseblossom at April 28, 2005 9:40 PM