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The Earth turns 'round, and 24 hours of flights don't seem that bad until you <i>do</i> it
September 7, 2005

Hello!!! I’m back!!!

I was hoping to get a little something in before the wedding, and as you can see, the last post I put in was on my birthday. I was, of course, kind of miffed that no one publicly wished me a happy birthday here. But, you know, whatever.

The wedding was a total blur. Some things went crazily wrong, but all turned out okay. Amy has some pictures up on her Flickr (including the ill-fated after-reception boat ride - thanks, Amy!!), and I have yet to go through the ones that were taken from other vantages. We should get the photos from the photographers soon & I’m sure I’ll pull a few from there to post here as well, as I know that everyone out there is just dying to see photos of me in my dress before I got too drunk and it got really dirty. The dress is still hanging up in my dining room, as I haven’t had the time to take it down the block to the drycleaners for preservation. I’m really not even sure if I want to do so. I mean, I did spend a lot of money on that dress, but I can’t find a good reason to keep it around. Maybe I’ll just have it cleaned, and I’ll donate it to one of those charities for teenagers with no money for a prom or something. Then again, maybe not.

The actual wedding ceremony went well. I remember only parts of it – mostly attempting to not squint, as the sun was so v. v. bright that day. Ben looked extremely hot/hott in his whole outfit of wool – even I was getting warm in my dress. The shoes I purchased for my monstrous feet were killing me before I even got to the site. They came off directly after the pictures, and my tattered stockings came off almost directly after that. It took 5 days of scrubbing to get my feet clean again after running about in the woods with no shoes on. At one point during the reception, Ben and I were dancing Brigadoon-style silly-shly, and our feet collided in midair – my bare left foot to his right hard-soled ghillie brogue. This impact split my toenail and the soft tissue at the front of the toe. I, being slightly intoxicated at the time, didn’t really notice the blood, though I did notice the pain for a bit. I didn’t perceive the issue with the toe again until I changed out of the dress and put my hiking shoes on, at which point the pressure was unbearable. Not to be a weenie, but it took 3 days for that to stop hurting, and going on multiple plane rides (see: feet swelling) did not help the issue.

Our time in Scotland was immensely lovely. We spent our day of arrival (Wednesday, 24th August) in Edinburgh, and were greeted by the owner of the farm B&B we stayed at with tea and scones (the only place where this happened, natch). It actually took us 2 hours to get out of Edinburgh and to the B&B, due to the lack of signs (or badly placed signs) in the city, and the fact that every time we had to turn around, it took at least 5 minutes to complete the 6-point-turn maneuver. Hertz lent us the hugest car available in the British Isles, a Volvo something-something. It was a 4-door monster, which took our 2 large suitcases side-to-side in the boot in stride. The turning radius was the worst I’ve seen in any car ever. Ben’s Scout could have done figure-8s in the space this thing took to turn a corner.

Our time in Laggan was a joy – the sky at night was so dark that one was able to spot the light of the Milky Way without even looking for it. We were surrounded by 2 creeks, sheep, and the nicest people evar. The day we arrived in Laggan was a knee-shaking one, induced by the need to climb Ben Lomond (the pictures on this site make it look massive - from our viewpoint when we started, it certainly didn't look so commanding). My legs were jelly by the halfway point (the way up), and Ben had to prod me along like a stuck cow to get to the top. The views once we got there (and really, on the entire way up) were spectacular, and the climb was definitely worth it. It put us off climbing Ben Nevis (the tallest mountain in the UK), as the exhaustion created 2 non-sightseeing days for us as we slept off our cramps at the cottage.

There will be more adventurous tales and photos later. Thanks for sticking around. ^_^


hoorah you're back!

thanks please for updating. xx

Posted by: mediaxhype at September 7, 2005 3:56 PM

Well, well, well.

Welcome back!!

Posted by: teahouseblossom at September 7, 2005 7:38 PM

congratulations, mr and mrs devlyn! isn't it great to be newlyweds? it sounds like you had a really rowdy wedding - now i'm going to look at the pics!

Posted by: j-a at September 7, 2005 8:03 PM

Welcome Home. I still feel super bad. Not only do I miss the wedding because of new job, but I don't even get to see you when you pass through my own city. Poo. Do forgive. Congratulations De-we-lyn!

Posted by: matthew at September 11, 2005 6:41 PM