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Ahhhh it's all over
January 3, 2006

But for some reason, there are still Christmas decorations up in my office. Someone come and take them down, please.

Chanukah was awesomelicious, and this is the first year that we've actually lit the channukia properly for all 8 days. Go us! Previous years left us forgetful, so we'd skip day 5 or 7, and end up with chanukah guilt (instead of gelt - get it?! haha!!).

Anyhow, lots of stuff has happened. Got some cool stuff for greedfest and the little xmas celebration with the mom. Common New Year's was fun, with a wine drunk, and lots of snow. Photos (of the snow at least) forthcoming to a Flickr near you.

Now for some fun, written specifically for me by our own dear Mr. Hype:

once upon a great lovely time ago there was a mean, nasty, horrible, and stingy young girl named vlyned (rhymes with enid).

vlyned lived in a magical land full of puppies and kittens and little pink floating hearts and rainbows and fields of cocaine and heroin and marshmellow clouds and trees made out of licorice and boobies.

but living in this magical land brought her no happiness, not even when buzzing from the sugar, or with veins full of the sweet sweet china white. she hated the happiness that puppies and drugs could bring to people, and longed for misery.

one day, while she was out snorting some fairy dust with a group of school children, she decided that she would leave that land once and for all and seek out the misery that she craved. eventually she arrived in the cold cold north and, since she had forgotten to wear warm clothing, she froze to death. and a polar bear ate her face and crapped it out.

the end!

exes and ohs.