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General and boring update
January 18, 2006

Finally the Pants and the other Pants are gone. It was good to have them here while they could be here, but I wish they could have stayed longer. The original Pants used to the the nucleus of the Boise Urban Tribe, and since he's been gone, it just hasn't been the same. I certainly miss both of them dearly, as I do the rest of the Tribe members that have moved away.

I am currently in the midst of something kind of scary on the homefront. While it's not something to really fret all to much about, it's still making me nervous and queasy. Wish I could report more, but as you may know, this is the internet.

I was sick with some kind of nasal and respiratory ailment last week, and I am still feeling the afteraffects of it, which is mostly in the form of exhaustion. The most unfortunate part is the lack of being able to actually do something about the exhaustion, namely: sleep.

The landlord came over today to show the building to a potential buyer and to look at some of the damage done in the bathroom by both the previous tenents and the 19-year-old upstairs neigbors who manage to make the ceiling leak at least once a month. To my surprise, he expressed interest in redoing the entire bathroom (which we have been wanting to do ever since we moved in), as well as painting, and paying for all of the above. Well, at least the hardware and whatnot. This means we can actually afford to paint almost the entirety of the interior of the house, which is just the awesomest thing ever.

I'm boring myself here, so I'll stop now.

Except for... update:
Currently the 19yo neighbor that prefers country music is at home, the ex-(at least I think it's "ex")stripper has returned home with her 5yo daughter, thankfully hopefully putting an end to the all-girl ex-(really haven't a clue if they're ex- or not, but they all look like they are)stripper parties that I'm assuming were bachelorette parties, as they included lots of alcohol, smoking, and glasses with giant penis attached to where one's nose should be, and my living room will never ever warm up enough for me to stop touching the heater turny-nob. Slightly annoyed and frozen. And that, my friends, will be all.