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Too bad, so sad
February 3, 2006

This is what I'll be missing out on tonight due to being really really sick. I'm glad, however, that I finally got our wireless router set up and that I can do things like post on the blog from the safety and warmth of my own bed.

by Keith Croner

Not unlike the weeks before
24 Fridays in a row
Members old are back in town
Attendees’ ebb and flow

This is my congregation
The New Testament and the Old
In alcoholic communion
My friends, my flock, my fold

A supper table without bread
Not the first, far from the last
We give not our bodies
Just dilute our blood
Recite teachings from the past

We talk, we laugh, go through the motions
Verse, Chorus, Verse
Habitual ritual practiced
Regardless of our thirst

This campfire of camaraderie
Warms my weary soul
But I wish I had more to share, to say,
My life has taking a toll

Tonight more so than oft
I’m awkward, stiff and stuck up
Is sobriety
Playing tricks on me
I guzzle to catch up

Yet connection is elusive
I’m faining faith in stealth
Is it that I’m too sober?
Or lacking something else?

I’m damaged goods
But aren’t we all?
Martyrs in this mire
Nailed on crosses that we chose
Preaching to the choir

Drinking is the practice
In friendship place our faith
Bonding is our form of prayer
Support our saving grace

Minna, have fun without me, and pray that my nose is less sore from the blowing tomorrow, and that I'll eventually be able to breathe without coughing! xox


i meant to be an asshole and comment "gag me" re: the poem above, but i forgot. and anyway, it's not like i'm composing better poetry.

Posted by: zach at February 7, 2006 12:27 PM