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And all the grownups say,
June 8, 2006

This is one of the hardest things I've had to do in a long time. Just looking at it makes my stomach cramp up and I want to cry. It could, however, be a last bit of PMS. I've been listening to Robbie all day, slowly torturing myself.

The first song on Robbie William's most recent album, Intensive Care is titled Ghosts... Last night as I was laying in bed, I was totally freaking myself out thinking about the movie that just came out called something like "An American Haunting". I saw the trailer a couple of days ago, and know a bit about the backstory of the "true" events that inpired the movie. I am very proficient at freaking myself out re: ghosts and spooks and the paranormal, though I currently live in a place that is not inhabited by any of the above. I do, however, believe in such, mostly as I have experienced ghostly sightings myself. Here is one of those stories for you - it is not at all scary, but mostly weird. If you're likely to have a heart attack, please don't read on...

When I was approximately 11, we were living in Granite Bay, a rural town about 30 miles north-east of Sacramento, CA. This is 2 years before the move to Idaho, and I was cleaning the kitchen (my daily job). I tried to get the task over with as quickly as possible, so I could hide myself away in my air-conditioned room to read while ignoring homework. My mom wasn't at home, which was rather strange, because she was almost always there when I returned from school. I was rinsing off some dishes before loading them in the dishwasher when I looked over the counter and saw my cousin Nicole (Who would have been 7 or so). I didn't hear anyone come into the house, so I was a bit surprised, but when I opened my mouth to say something to her, she giggled and ran into my mom's bedroom, just adjacent to the kitchen.

I dried my hands and walked around the counter to follow her. When I got into my mom's room, I didn't see her anywhere, nor did I hear anything that would have led me to her hiding spot. I scoured under the king-size bed, walked around the bathroom (opening all the cupboards), and finally flung clothes around in the large walk-in closet, my annoyance increasing every step. The open walk-in closet had a door leading to the front porch, so I thought she had gotten out that way. I checked the door, but it was locked from the inside. I unlocked it and stepped outside just as my mom came around the corner. I jumped about a mile in the air, then I said, "Hey, is Aunt Carol here with Nicole and Renee?" Mom looked at my funny and said, "No, why?"

"I just saw Nicole. Or at least I thought I did. Maybe I didn't. She at least looked like Nicole..." Mom looked at me strangely again and asked me to tell her what had happened. At that point, when I looked back at what had just happened minutes before, I realized that the little girl I had seen wasn't at all my cousin, though she did look like her. Nicole has a tan complexion, dark hair, and dark eyes, as did the girl I saw. I thought that maybe Nicole had been wearing dress-up clothes for some reason, as the little girl I had seen was wearing a nice dress, if a little old-fashioned. I shrugged it off at the time, but my mom brought it up a little while later... possibly a few months after the original occurance and told me that she had seen the little girl as well.

Anyhow, just writing this is getting me freaked out, and I'm in a totally lit and populated area. Though I don't think I saw that little girl again, it was very strange. The whole situation didn't frighten me at the time... our house wasn't old at all - it was built about 15 years old at that time - and didn't seem the "haunted type". It was about 6 months later, after seeing a second strange thing, that I became obsessed with "ghost catching". The interest didn't last very long (as I was mostly just scaring myself out of my wits), but to this day, I remember the best ways of trying to catch a ghost, which have come in handy during various parts of my life.

Listening to "Let Love Be Your Energy", Sing When You're Winning, Robbie Williams


ohmygod. i know how badly you wanted those tickets and now they're on ebay? I am weeping.

Posted by: styro at June 9, 2006 1:19 PM

What make me weep more is if they don't get sold and i'm out $300. I've been choking back the tears for 2 days now... Still listening to Robbie 24/6. *sigh*

Posted by: Devlyn Author Profile Page at June 9, 2006 1:57 PM

I suggest you go here if you are interested in some more ghostly happenings from the Sacramento area.

Posted by: SacScott at July 15, 2006 6:21 PM