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And the world slowly turns...
July 7, 2006

Do you ever get the urge to just ram into the back of someone's car? Like not enough to hurt the passengers, but enough to damage the car just a bit? Yesterday on the way home from Chili's (more about that later), I was behind a girl in a little purple-blue car with butterflies all over. On the inside of the windows, hanging from the rearview mirror, around her license plate. The license plate itself proclaimed BTRFLYS, and with some twisted humor, a bumper-sticker notified me that the car and its occupants "stop for butterflies." This. This is the car I wanted to ram into yesterday.

As of about 10pm tonight, It will have been 7 days since I stopped smoking. Every day has come at a cost: now when I smell cigarette smoke (Ben's still smoking), it makes me nearly gag. Second-hand isn't making me want a cigarette, it's giving me a headache and throwing my mucus-making glands in my throat out of wack. Not to say I'm not having cravings, but they're more like the pangs of lonelyness after one breaks up with a really horrible boyfriend -- once enough time has come between the spurned and the sucker, the past events get slightly misty and rose-colored. I'm trying to keep everything in perspective, and I'm especially trying to continuously remember the gross taste, the funny feeling at the back of my mouth, and the icky smell of cigarettes.

I'm leaving in just an hour or so to head up to the mountains again, which will be my real non-smoking test: Churchcamp. There will be much debauchery, garunteed. Remember what I said about being really busy last week? That applied immediately to when Ben and I came down from the mountains late Monday night - A half hour after we walked in the door, my work pager went off and didn't stop until 3am the morning of the 4th. I got a scant 6 hours of sleep before it started with its beeping scales again. My aunt, uncle, and cousin showed up while we were gone in Grandjean, and in addition to the 3-day workweek, I had to fit in some website redesign, laundry, family time (me at Chili's for the 45-minutes I had available with a bottle of water), and preparations for this weekend. Though I have so much exciting stuff happening this summer, I really really can't wait until September...

Photos from the weekend at Grandjean are up on my Flickr account, and more will be posted on Sunday. For those that have called me and haven't received any reciprocation, I beg forgiveness and promise everyone phonedates next week.




What happens at Church Camp STAYS at Church Camp!

Congrats on quitting smoking. it was really hard for me, and although when I'm sober i still think it's filthy, when I'm drunk I still want a puff.

I'm actually going to be in NYC the weekend of august 11th, if you're around... holla!

Posted by: styro at July 11, 2006 11:58 AM

Funny thing is my friend zach sent me that same picture today.

So far it's been all rainbows and roses. No smoking at churchcamp, though much drinking ensued. Will update more in a proper post, I'm sure.

Posted by: Devlyn Author Profile Page at July 11, 2006 1:26 PM