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In which it feels like I've been a very bad girl
December 3, 2006

It's almost as if I never existed, or I dropped off the face of the Earth or something. I've been getting my life on a bit of a better track for the past few weeks. After the excitement of Friendsgiving (where 19 of my closest friends took over my house on Shabbat), I made the decision to reorg a bit. I'm always telling Ben, "it's all about priorities," (especially when I'm nagging on him for something), and I realized that I wasn't taking my own advice. I'm not making any huge promises, nor changing anything too drastically just yet. It's more like I'm just hooking onto the last car on the train and attempting to hold onto the track as tightly as possible.

And, of course, just as I do this, something comes up and throws a wrench in things. I can't go into detail here just yet, unfortunately, but if you're someone who knows me personally, you know all about what's going on. I'm excited about what's happening, but it may take a more willpower to stay on that damned track for the next week. I promise to be back in a week or so with more information, and perhaps a photo or two.