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In which I hemm and haah
January 3, 2007

There was, at a time, a few years ago, a song with a lyric in it that included me. I found it once while Googling myself, which I do very rarely, as very little comes up that I don't know about. This song, however, was something that I most certainly didn't know about at all, and when I found it, I was quite shocked. The line that included my full name (first and last, at least) also included a reference to something possibly about my past, i.e. "Devlyn *old last name* punk-rock girl." I emailed the writer of the site, querying gently after the coincidence, but received no response, and a couple of days later the page was nonexistent.

I could never figure out if, in relation to the rest of the song, the inclusion of my name was meant to be complimentary or just mean.

And I realized today that I really miss the word "snog." I rediscovered it when playing out a potential conversation in my head while doing dishes.