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In which I spew about some imaginary things
May 19, 2007

The busy corner near my house smelled strongly of pizza when I was walking home from the store this afternoon. I have a feeling this might have to do with the proliferation of pizza-making establishments in the general downtown vicinity, the newest being Cafe Vicino, which filled the quickly vacated spot where the Flipside Cafe resided. The new restaurant seems to serve generic Italian fare at an inflated price, so it may be a while before I make it there for some actual food. Pre-Flipside, the spot served a bakery-type place that had some good wines and a friendly staffer (whose name shall be withheld) who would give us fantastic deals on multiple glasses, as well as any "leftover" food they might have had in the back. It's been 2 years, I think, since they closed, and I think I miss it more now than ever before.

The boyfriend introduced me to some triple-brewed ales while on a minibreak recently, and now I am a confirmed beer drinker. It was never really my 'cup of tea' per say, but I really enjoy the complex sweetness provided by the Belgian ales (currently drinking Fin du Monde), and I find myself craving them quite often. Either that, or I have just found myself a more broad-minded lush. I prefer thinking the former. Aforementioned boyfriend's birthday was this last week, and I had the best time shopping for gifts for him, which validated the theory that I actually do enjoy shopping, just not in general, and not for myself.

I picked up some fantastic earrings I was eying a couple of weeks ago at the downtown market today. I keep them in my ears to remind me of how the beginning of today (preparing food, brunch with friends, funtimes purchasing) was really quite nice, even if the afternoon (and quite possibly the evening) may end up shite.