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Marked as crashed
December 27, 2007

After a little chat with Mr. Benjamin today, I have decided to remove his full name from my site. This is not because anything has actually been fixed - it hasn't. All of the information I gave before is correct and true. I have already been contacted by people who were in touch with Ben about these issues, and I feel that this is good public information to display, and that it should be available to anyone else who might be interested and in a state where this information might prove useful, i.e. future girlfriends, wives, and creditors. However, supposedly Ben thinks that this is an act of evil, and that I'm maliciously soiling his pristine name. I don't share this view, but I can see how maybe someone else might. So, while I'm leaving the post up, I'm removing the "Elvis" and the "Wood" and the names of his family.

Oh, also, supposedly according to Ben, him not paying his taxes and the IRS coming after me for it is karma for me being a horrible person. Funny - I would think it's more likely that his being an asshole about paying his own bills would be directly related to him being irresponsible.