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A story, part un
April 9, 2008

After all the hype and excitement and the waiting for the good 1.1GB download (yes, no teevee here) to watch on the 31", 35 minutes into BSG and I fell asleep. I am actually known to do this, so neither I nor the boyfriend were surprised, but boy is that disappointing. I'll have to watch the ending tomorrow after beers at Tugboat, because, man, I can't wait to find out what happens!

I think I'm going back to the old story-type info for the blog. I think I once expressed the want to commit memories to some sort of medium that would last beyond my brain - the internet is one of those mediums! Thus...

When I was returning back to the states from Italy a couple of summers ago from an incredibly horribly horrible trip (just thinking about it makes me tense), I was in the Rome airport waiting for the flight to board when the need to pee graced me with its presence. Finding a restroom, I walked into a long empty room lined with identical doors. Walking down the middle, I noticed that most of the toilet seats were up... thinking that (as I had just seen the cleaning crew) the toilets had just been cleaned, I went into a stall and did my business. Stepping out of the stall and walking towards the sinks to wash my hands, I noticed a man standing at the sinks already, washing his hands and eying me suspiciously via the mirror. I gave him a strange glance, but I calmly washed my hands and, seeing another male quit a stall behind me, walked calmly out of the room. Pausing at the entrance to the room, I looked up at the internationally recognized "man" symbol and then over to the door opposite, where the international skirted-man symbol was held. I found my seat again and sat perplexed for the next 20 minutes until the boarding started on the plane. I guess walking into and using a men's restroom really wasn't that big of a deal after what I had dealt with earlier in the trip. Which will, of course, be other stories.