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Not to be taking this to the level of just complaining every post
June 12, 2008

But holy fuck, am I bored. I am so bored of people not listening, of having to repeat everything I say, of dealing with those who don't know how to do their jobs. There's an issue in this country with the unemployment of skilled workers, and I've found out why - because there are too many blathering idiots who are hired for positions far above their capacities. I know that I have to treat nearly every one I deal with like a thin-shelled little retarded egg, but this is getting ridiculous. I quite obviously shouldn't be in the position where I am. This is the same shit I was doing EIGHT fucking years ago. I didn't like it then, so I moved on, but due to economic issues and the fact that I didn't spend 4 years going to a state-run institution only to hand over the next 10 years of my indebted life for a piece of paper, I took a position that paid well for which I was ridiculously overqualified, and this is what happened. I always have this assumption that my qualities will be realized and that I may be lifted from my malaise and placed into a position where my skills might be utilized. Alas, that has not been done, and though I was fully screwed out of actually getting a raise this year, I was hoping to at least get up to the salary I was making in my last position, as cost of living has gone up, and I'm making what i made 5 years ago.

But above all, I am bored. So fucking bored. This feels like high school, and I barely made it out of there alive.