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so. new job. new building.
April 30, 2003

so. new job. new building. i have to park way far away from where i work. but that's not really bad. i just wish it wasn't raining today. me without an umbrella and all. so i'm in 4-middle (HP mainsite building 4, 2nd floor is what that means), and i have to go up and down stairs to go smoke. well, to be more specific, i have to go down stairs, and then back up them to get back to my desk. i don't have a phone or a computer yet in my cube, so i'm posting from some night-guy's computer who keeps his chair really low and his desk really high, so when i sit down in it, the desk comes up to my chest. and i'm tall. so i just keep adjusting it to what a normal person would want their chair-height at, and he just keeps adjusting it right back down.
i'm kind of confused as to the actual structure of this company so far. they don't really seem to have any "real" training for me. yesterday i watched realvideo people talking about one of the programs i support, but that training seems to be more like training for someone who is actually going to use the program. which i can understand, but since i don't have a computer yet, i haven't really looked at any of the programs i am going to be supporting, and that's getting kind of annoying. so now i'm sitting and watching gary mess with stuff on his computer via netmeeting. i'm waiting for him to get a call. it is v. v. slow today. since 12:30, he's only gotten 2 calls, both of which only lasted approx. 2 minutes. really. i guess i'm just really wanting to get on the phones, but at the same time, i'm afraid to, because i have absolutely no idea as to what i'm doing. blah.
anyhow, i was supposed to get my computer yesterday, which means that hopefully i will get it by the end of the day today. that would be lovely. then i can actually feel like i have my own cube and stuff. and i would like that. then i can bring in stuff so i can make it mine. this place needs plants.

Ah, today.... well, finally got
April 26, 2003

Ah, today....
well, finally got up at half-past 1. went out with zach, sara, and our new friend amy-chan. i say "our" now, as sara and zach have been hanging out with her for a while, but i haven't been hanging out with them. therefore, i only met her last night, and i must say that we hit it off famously. we all went to go see the slam-poet Alix Olson at BSU... it was very exciting. and i did rather enjoy it. after that, we head off to 10th St. Station downtown for some cheap alcohol and good conversation. i was rather happy they were out of the cheap pitchers of beer, so we all had cocktails instead, which i definitely prefer.
2 drinks (for me - the rest had .. 4?) later, i drove everyone back to zach's house to pick up a bottle of vodka, then we all congregated at my house. zach whipped up some hefty screwdrivers, while we all proceeded to get drunk. i ended up only getting slightly buzzed, sara was off her rocker, zach was in the part of good drunk, and amy-chan had to go home after only 1 1/2 games of Harry Potter Uno, as she said she was "tired"... climbed into bed around 3:30, after having to strip in front of zach and sara to get them to leave. it was an eventful night. and where was the boy in all of this, you ask? ben left for sun valley yesterday, where he will be until May 4th. And while that is sad, it does give me some "friend-time" and "me-time", which i normally really don't get when he's in town. I already miss him, though. ^_^
Todays plans are to take a shower (it's almost 3, after all), have free dinner with my future co-workers at Old Chicago in Meridian, and take off early from that to have another dinner (pad thai) at amy-chan's house in the later evening. *sigh* i do get rather busy once the boy isn't here... and i get to start my new job on Monday, which i had a kind-of nightmare about last night... I had gone in on Monday morning, but forgot all of my signed paperwork. ugh! Anyhow, i'm sure it will all go off without a hitch, and i will probably update then, on Monday after work.... ahhh.... "after work".....
have a lovely week, all!!!

so both of my computers
April 24, 2003

so both of my computers are back up, which makes me happy... however, my main computer is still having issues, which i believe is caused by some RAM my dad sent me. hi dad! anyhow, we'll have to take care of that soon... in the meanwhile, i was messing around with Macromedia Fireworks, and started creating some flash stuff... we'll see what it amounts to... here's all that i've come up with so far... not really much, but better than nothing, i guess... so blah!

well, i guess if you
April 22, 2003

well, i guess if you want an update on me, you can check conversations, as it is all pretty much there. i'm sitting around bored just fixing my computers, which is making me happy for now. i get to go take a drug test tomorrow! yay! i hate peeing in cups. other than that, life is grand, and i can't wait to get my first paycheck from my new jorb.

yay! i got a job
April 16, 2003

yay! i got a job today! i am sooo happy! and i start on the 28th of this month! no more boredom of sitting at home! and i shall have money again! and lots of it!!!!! how wonderful!
ooh, and i get to take a drug test, just like a real employee. what fun! i am just so fucking happy. thank you to treetop technologies. they all kick ass. i met some of the team leads there today (at hp mainsite, where i will soon be working out of), and they all seem extremely nice and open. the owner, jason, told me that there's only been one person to quit. ever. isn't that cool?
anyhow, i'm just elated right now. i can buy a new car next year. but first, get all of my debt paid off. mwahaha.

so this fucking sucks. i
April 11, 2003

so this fucking sucks. i get on my computer this morning, to find that the screen won't come up at all. so no problem, i think... this happens once in a while. so i cold boot, skip through the scandisk, and find that everything that i try to open gives me an illegal operation. this happens even in safe mode. i can't get into msconfig. i did a registry restore, and that doesn't help at all. so i'm pretty much screwed. i would format, but i don't have anything to back up by 30gigs of mp3's. one would think that with 5 computers, i could find 30gigs free somewhere, but that is a falsehood. so i'm pretty much without my computer. i am having to use ben's.
so this morning hasn't been the best, although i did get an email from a company that i sent a resumé to like 2 weeks ago. they want an interview. and that's all fine and dandy, but it's an outsourcer, which pretty much means that i would probably get screwed with the same stuff i was getting screwed with at manpower, ie. only christian holidays off, pretty much no vacation time, and far-too-expensive benefits. i think i may just hold out for qwest. i really don't want to though, because everyone has been saying that they're going to start hiring this month, and i haven't seen any official word of it. so this may be my only hope. well, anything is better than being unemployed. i guess.
i'm also stuck at the house, because i have to wait until fedex gets here with my replacement camera. my little hp photosmart 320 camera has been acting all funny, so i got an exchange on it. so i'm stuck here for the time being. at least all the snow last week has left this week to the 70+ degree weather. i would really love to be doing something outside, or at the park. but. i. am. stuck. here.
other than that, there isn't much going on. other than it is really rather hard to type on ben's "normal" keyboard... i have an ergonomic keyboard, and this thing is making me go nuts.
off to check on harddrive prices...
ja ne! ^_^

and though i felt like
April 9, 2003

and though i felt like i might have had something interesting to say today, i may not, indeed. the thought of people actually reading this rather frightens me, in an obscure way. yes, i actually found out that i at least have an audience of one. and the fact that it is someone whom i actually know makes me want to censure myself a bit. but then i think again, and decide not to. after all, if i cannot be truthful here, where can i be?
msnbc says that bagdhad has been "liberated" by "us" today, so that a few of the iraqis still there are having a grand old time looting things, shouting "thank you" to bush while doing so. the media takes this as a compliment, but i'm wondering if it's just the thought of stealing that is making people happy we're there. salaam hasn't posted since the 24th, which is more than 2 weeks ago. the over-hit website hosted a blog that was once written by 2 iraqi males, and when raed disappeared, salaam took over for a while. i'm actually quite worried that something bad has happened to him, though i hope it is not so. the more likely event is that the phones are not working, or the ISP that salaam dials up to is no longer functioning. whatever the case, i am hoping that a day will soon come where we can hear again from the voice that gave us news from the other side, untainted by the regime.
i fell asleep last night wondering what i would do with $1 million. i had made a wish that $1 million would suddenly show up in my checking account today, and i could have it tax-free, etc. the first thing i would do is pay off all of my debts. the second is not worrying about a job at this point, as i would have money to support myself for a while. after that, i really wouldn't know what to do. likely, i would just let it sit there and gain interest until i was able to move somewhere that felt more like home. i.e. england or france. alas, i have still not checked my account.
being unemployed, as the unemployed know, is rather boring. mostly i sit here, staring at kazaa, waiting for things to download. other than that, i read my discover or smithsonian magazines. i have read through all in my posession, so i'm trying to finish up the biography of camus that i borrowed from the library. the reading of that book is going rather slowly, as the writer tends to make chapters short and boring. i'm about halfway through the 400-page book, and i'm thinking i may just give it up, and go back to the library for more. i can even borrow DVDs there, which seems to be the safer thing to do. i have gotten back into the habit of watching teevee. well, not real teevee, but watching movies. during my unemployment, i have watched the extended version of the lord of the rings three times. i just can't get enough.
other than that, there's really not much to say... if i come up with something a bit more clever later, you'll be sure that i will put it up as quickly as possible. oh, and for those that read this, leave some fucking comments already. i put them there for a purpose. use them.

today is april 3rd. i
April 3, 2003

today is april 3rd. i woke up to snow. yes, snow... it's not really accumulating to anything, but it's snowing now... and has been on and off all damned day. i don't like snow. at all. and i hope it stops soon. it's really large snowflakes that are more like slush than anything else. i should take a fucking picture. i think this is the most snow we've gotten all winter, and it's not even winter anymore. at least not by my calendar. as far as i'm concerned, winter ends the last day of march. but whatever. ugh.

so i'm the big slacker
April 1, 2003

so i'm the big slacker now. yeah yeah. but at least i got the new gallery up. and new pics, too! there aren't too many, but yesterday it was gorgeous outside, and today it's all rainy. if it's nice tomorrow, i'm going to head to the park to take some pics, and i'll post them asap. dig? other than that, i am part of the lovely unemployed, looking for a job. i really rather hate being unemployed, as i have all of this time on my hands, but no money to actually go and do anything. unemployment insurance is nothing compared to what i was making, so i'm going to have to be rather frugal for the time being, so i don't really screw myself.
if anyone knows of a kickass job that is in the boise, idaho area that would pay me at least $13 an hour or more, please email me to let me know. take a look at my resume... i've been doing tech support (or customer service coordinator, which i guess was my real title) for little over 3 years, and i have a ton of hardware and software knowledge. i prefer to work onsite rather than offsite (aka call center), but will pretty much take anything at this point. i am desperate. i am also interested in getting into technical writing and web design *wink, wink*....
anyhow, that was a shameless self-promotion if i ever heard (or read) one... that's all for now... will let all of you know when i update everything.
ja ne! ^_^