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From the freshly fallen leaves...
September 30, 2003

Fall has hit suddenly, as if the trees knew it before the weather. Last week, we were sitting pretty with 60-70 degree weather, and this week, it’s been back up into the 80’s. The leaves, however, are starting to come down in torrential dry rains, yellow and brown on the ground, crunching under my feet.
Fall and spring are my favorite seasons, as that’s usually when the most change occurs around here. Summer is just too bloody hot, winter too damned cold. In the summer, one can’t get away from the sun, and in the winter, one yearns for it directly from the soul. Spring is gorgeous with the flowers poking their heads out from the frosty ground and willing again to rise up for another year. Fall is when things begin to brown, but hasn’t gotten to the starkness and nastiness that winter carries so greatly. I shall have to get out this weekend and take some pictures before all the leaves fall.
Ben and I will be in Seattle the weekend of the 9th. We’ll get some good pics there, too, as I’m sure we’ll do some sight-seeing stuff. Both of us have been to Seattle numerous times, but never together. I’m just excited about the shoe shopping. Yow! And I’m sure we’ll do the whole space needle thing before heading up to squim. I love travel, even if it’s just domestic. ^_^

September 29, 2003

have not slept much this weekend. well, i have, really. but tonight i probably will not. redid most of the galleries this weekend, and still have the want to continue, which i may just do, even though it is nearly midnight and already far past my bedtime. however, if i'm a good little girl, as i am, i will just go to sleep after having the nighttime cigarette. we'll see....
i did have tons of fun messing with the site for probably a total of 12 or so hours this weekend, completely redoing the savannah gallery after it was done, because i needed forward and backward button-type-things, and failed to include them in the original. so when that was all done, i went on to the rest of the color galleries and got those done. only 3 more left and the galleries will be finished and i can finally put that to rest.
web design is just so fun for me to do, it's hard for me to stop once i get into it. just hope it eventually pays off for something. ^_^

September 27, 2003

so i fixed up the savannah gallery, so that it's easier to navigate, and i have a feeling that i'll end up just working on the other galleries tonight to get them to the point where i like them again. whew! or something like that.
rosh hashanah dinner was damned good. i made a lovely round challah with raisins and cinnamon and sugar on the top. kind of like a huge cinnamon roll, only without the gooey sugar and all that. i also made pomegranite chicken, which was really yummy, though a bit dry because i totally overcooked it in the american fashion, rice pilaf (lovely! for recipe, see the conversations blog), and steamed carrots. on the side, we had fresh cut apples and honey. i rubbed the cut sides of the apples with a lemon so they wouldn't get all brown. for dessert, we had (and are still having) sunken apple-honey tart. the pomegranite chicken and tart came from Kosher By Design, which i have made many recipes out of that all turned out just darned yummy. The rice pilaf recipe came from 1,000 Jewish Recipes, which indeed does have 1000 recipes, but no pictures. however, it is also a really awesome book. i recommend both of them highly.

something i should have posted yesterday:
September 26, 2003

So I finally got about half of the pics I want to put up of Savannah done, and hopefully I’ll get the rest ready tonight. It’s taking me a while to figure out which ones to kill and which ones to keep because there are far too many good pics in here. Just to warn you, some of them have been touched up. Mostly just color correction and brightness. I didn’t do anything hardcore like taking out peoples’ heads or moving someone over 6” in the picture; Ben can do that kind of shit. I’m just not that good at photoshop. I’m better at other things. Pfftah.
Sometimes I freak myself out, realizing that I don’t have a tongue ring any longer. I had had it since May 1997, and kept it until about this last June. That’s 5 years in layperson’s terms. Once in a while, I’ll go to scratch the top of my mouth with it, and it’s just not there. I took it out because I kind of got sick of it, but now I’m missing it. =-<
Wow. Since I wrote this in word, all of my capitalization is correct and stuff. Oh well, there goes my reputation. I’ll update this blorg with a link once the pics are complete and ready for your viewing pleasure. Koi ^_^


the savannah gallery is up!. yay! go to the gallery and click on colour. you'll see the savannah link right there. it's a new format. let me know what you guys think!

quickly, yo
September 24, 2003

yeah yeah, i haven't been blogging and all that. i've actually been a bit busy since getting back from GA. and i know that that's not really a viable excuse, since i've been doing other things. at least i am working on the savannah gallery, hopefully to magically appear tomorrow night after i finish working too damned hard on it. i only have a few (20 or so) more pics to mess with, and then i actually have to set up the pages and all that, so i should be able to get that done tomorrow night, but i'm not promising anything.
i can't believe i'm hungry, and i totally just ate. ugh. i feel like dooce or something. the fuck?

more of the same
September 20, 2003

still typing while being bleary-eyed. hope everyone enjoyed their talk like a pirate day. will update tomorrow (much later today, once i have slept!). love!

*bleary-eyed typing*
September 14, 2003

woke up at 11:10, which is 10 minutes past the hotel checkout time. am now in internet cafe type thing, which for some reason will not type an "accent aigu" above my "e". i so can't type and i can barely see the screen. not that there's too much glare on this, but that i'm not properly awake, and i'm waiting for my coffee and i need something to eat badly, but forgot to order it.

so i have to find stuff to do until 3pm, which is when i can call a cab to take me out to the airport. i'm just extremely fucking happy that this place has a patio, as i didn't see that from down where the door is (on the first floor), so that i may be able to smoke while downing my wake-me-elixur. so savannah is pretty kickass. it's totally full of tourists, though, and that means that like any other shop that may have something worthwhile in it normally is all filled up with cheap souvenirs and trinkets not worth anybody's time. savannah is also hot and humid, which normally i wouldn't mind, but i have just been sleeping for 5 hours in a nicely cooled 60-degree hotel room, where my clothes weren't sticking to me, and of course, i was sleeping, so i was much more in tune with the world than i am right now.

i fucking hate this compaq keyboard. i so can't type on it. i just wish i could go back to sleeeeeep. ugh. anyhow, will be back in boise tonight. the boy should be almost there by now, and he has all of the pictures on the laptop. fucking starving now, so just ordered a chicken salad wrap. was totally hoping for breakfast food, but i guess i'm shit out of luck unless i go to some un-trendy carrow's type place. and that = ick.

being horribly awful
September 8, 2003

i have not blogged in a v.v. long time, and i totally feel bad about it. since i haven't been touching the internet hardly at all at work, it's been hard for me to move the process home. today is monday and i have the entire week off. leeann is here and we're all leaving tomorrow - leeann back to wisconsin, ben and i to savannah. phew.

finally got a new car, so i need to get rid of my old one. i really don't know what to do with it, since it's totally broken with 2 flat tires and that is icky. but my new car is running great so far. i'll have to put a pic up when i get one. other than that, i just put XP on my old 98 box, and it somehow solved all of my issues i was having in 98. wowee. i can now actually use this computer, which is v.v. nice.

i'll be putting up some pics from the 80's party we had on saturday. will update then. yay!