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In which it all levels out - the life, universe, and everything
January 26, 2007

For the past 3 weeks or so, about 80% of my at-home/free time was taken up by freelance projects, one of which should be completed soon, and the rest of which will just have to be cut back. Everything has been going extremely well for me for... well, since Wednesday. And since everybody knows that once one gets at least 3 good things to happen in a day, all thought of nastiness in the past floats away on little clouds of euphoria. And not to bring anyone down, but I continually am trying to remind myself that though day may be fantastic, tomorrow may suck, and to just be prepared for it.

I am suddenly and unexpectedly employed, which happened at just the right moment in just the right way. I had gone to 2 proper interviews for positions that were below my skillset (though would pay me in the range I was making in my previous position), and had come to the conclusion that I just sucked at interviewing. Now I realize that I may suck at interviewing, but those that were interviewing me sucked, too, and I'm really quite happy I wasn't offered employment by any of those companies.

Everything good that has happened within the past 2.5 days just prove to me that my addage is correct: if you wait long enough, something perfect will come along, and that there's really no reason to settle for anything less (unless you're super poor and have to take a dishwashing job at Perkins so you can pay rent while waiting for that perfect job to come along). This goes for pretty much everything, I think, so keep it in your back pocket to chew on in the future - this time I'll give it to you for free.

In which I hemm and haah
January 3, 2007

There was, at a time, a few years ago, a song with a lyric in it that included me. I found it once while Googling myself, which I do very rarely, as very little comes up that I don't know about. This song, however, was something that I most certainly didn't know about at all, and when I found it, I was quite shocked. The line that included my full name (first and last, at least) also included a reference to something possibly about my past, i.e. "Devlyn *old last name* punk-rock girl." I emailed the writer of the site, querying gently after the coincidence, but received no response, and a couple of days later the page was nonexistent.

I could never figure out if, in relation to the rest of the song, the inclusion of my name was meant to be complimentary or just mean.

And I realized today that I really miss the word "snog." I rediscovered it when playing out a potential conversation in my head while doing dishes.