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Happy <s>New</s> Leap Year!
February 29, 2008

Okay, so that was a little strained. I have been thinking about all of these things to write on here! All the time! All in my head and just straining to come out!

Firstly, I was sick for a full week recently. I'm still having issues with coughing myself awake, which is like the most awesomest thing ever when you wake up and think "fuck this shit, I'm just going to get to work early," but then realize it's only 3.15am and then don't feel like waking the other person in your bed, so attempt to sleep on the couch (which is actually a fold-out, anyhow), but can't get warm, and wow with the lack of sleep. Anyhow, I think it's the longest (not worst) I've been sick in forever. Also note: I suggest not thinking that going to the Horse Brass because you're feeling better and maybe sitting in a smoke-filled room for a few hours and (amazingly!!) feeling horrible horrible the next day. Bad idea, kids.

Other than that, wow has it become spring already. I have nothing to complain about on the lack of winteryness in PDX - I rather like it, really. But I'm not sure if we're just being faked out now or what. Everyone (everyone) is all hrmm-humm about the gray skies here. Supposedly it's gray all year and no one ever sees the sun and it's horrible! I, however, have never ever seen this - in HellBoiseHole, there would be week-long inversions when nothing even moved and it felt all gross and everything smelled bad across the entire valley. Here, it's like rain for 3 days, then a sunshine day! And then back to some more rain, then more sunshine days! Where is all of this dreary drizzly horrible NW weather? Do I just actually like it? Maybe some people are just affected by SADD more than others.

Also, I am bored with writing. More later.

February 8, 2008

I know that it's expected that a preface to a historic novel might contain a few spoilers about the story which one is about to read, but to completely go through the novel from front to back, not only explaining key moments and climaxes, but actually detailing the very end of the book is unnecessary. Please, with any kind of aforementioned goings-on in the preface, give us some warning, okay? Or send it to the back or even publish it separately as an essay. 57 pages with its own bibliography? Yeah, I thought so. I didn't borrow the Cliffs Notes (TM) from the library, so don't treat me like I did.
Many thanks,