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March 31, 2008

Battlestar Galactica *this* Friday!!!

Only slightly having a heart attack. I've been waiting for this Friday for what seems like 23870 years. It is only with the greatest of difficulty that I am preventing myself from adding exclamation points onto the end of every sentence here. OMG SO EXCITED.

Just as a quick aside...
March 17, 2008

misc.jpgOh man, this could totally get me in trouble. But really? Here's a general public announcement: if and when you decide to get really persnippity on the phone to someone who knows how to use the internets, as in maybe, someone in technical support? Maybe you should not be the kind of person who is ridiculously easy to google and whose photo is on the main company website. The photo featured to the left there? May or may not have been someone that just did not follow the suggestion above. Mm-hmm.

Fun fact day
March 12, 2008

I used to be interviewed quite often. I think it had to do more with the fact that I was often in places where others were not, i.e. being in "the right place at the right time," rather than my dazzling personality or good looks. Through my youth, I was on the local news at least 4 times, and in print at least 6. During my teenage tenure in Idaho and California, there were at least another 3 times I was interviewed for local news stations and college film making projects, and once was a part of the feature story in the alternative weekly. All of these were completely spontaneous and every single time, I tried to get out of it, but was eventually coerced. At least in 4 of the cases, I was doing something "bad" at the time I was singled out: while skipping school, while trying to skip school, while out far past curfew, and while in San Francisco when I was supposed to be very much not in San Francisco, and in fact, should have been grounded at home, 40 miles away.

However, since I've become a proper drinking-age adult, all of these offers have stopped. It might be that the local newspeople in Boise didn't get out much to actually entice public opinion matters, or that I've just become more of an either at-home or at-the-bar person in the past 7 years. Either way, I was wary today when I was approached by an excited-looking lady while I was eating lunch out on Pioneer Square, taking in some of the (supposedly rare) sunshine.

"Hi! I'm Katrina!"
"Hi." no, i don't care about the children, and i don't want to sign your petition, and i don't have any cash on me.
"Do you have an opinion on public art? I'm from Channel 10 and we're doing a piece on Oregon art for Art Week in May."
"Oh. Uhm, not really..."oh no! i was just eating rice covered in sesame seeds! i'll totally have seeds in my teeth on teevee!!
"Oh, well would you mind talking to us about it? Even if you don't have an opinion, we'd like to get some feedback!"
"Okay. I guess I do have some opinions on public art. Sure." omg i'm so fat fat fat fat fat fat!11

So, okay, I'm a pushover, but whatever. I watched as they set up and were told the intricacies of filming while on Pioneer Square (hand-held only, waiver forms), and found out that I was the first one they had interviewed. I have to beg ignorance as to where they were from, since we don't watch teevee, the only local news I am familiar with is KOIN, and that's because they have a tower downtown. The interview was short and sweet, and I think I sounded halfway intelligent through most of it. They continued filming once we were done and I sat down to finish my bento, thus exposing the rest of my body to the television. When I got back to my desk at work, I looked up the channel and found that it's the PBS channel, which made me feel better for some reason. It looks like the interview is actually part of a proper show about public art. So, if you're in Oregon on May 22nd (? I think), you can see me on teevee, and so will the rest of the state, which will hopefully not be full of Googlestalkers. The end.