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2 Years of Portlandia
July 16, 2009

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of my moving here. The day was hot, and the air was sweet with moisture and flowers in bloom. I spent my after-work time preparing for a camping trip taking place this weekend with a group of fantastic women and chatting with someone who has potential. After 2 years, I think I'm fully settled here - Portland is my Home in so many more ways than any place before. I am forever grateful for my friends here, and even the people I've met who have moved away. Everyone is incredibly interesting, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with my friends over the next few (very busy) weekends.

I can say that the one thing that really stuck with me from being in the mental hospital (a story for another time - it was many many years ago) was the phrase "this too shall pass." One of the counselors there had a ring with this phrase engraved on the inside, and regaled our group with stories of his own past mental illness. I remember thinking it incredibly trite and probably rolled my eyes in my 18 year-old head. But that phrase has really helped me in tough situations when I was most alone, and has brought me down a bit from highs when I feel on top of the world. It's hard to think that things will get worse when everything feels right with the world. Walking back from the store yesterday, looking towards downtown and the west hills at the colors changing in the sky, breathing the syrupy air, carrying bottles of wine (making white sangria for the camping trip), I felt good. Really good. Nothing's-gonna-tear-me-down good. But recalling that phrase brought me down a bit and allowed me to really truly appreciate the emotions and experience of that moment; it almost puts me in a place of zen. That alone was worth the cost of going nuts (yet another long story).

Be back next week, hopefully with photos from the camping trip. ^_^