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The summer of busy
August 27, 2009

Enjoying plenty of white sangriaAlpha and betaCreme brulée, donePie-pops chilling in the freezerAka-chan
Oh the irony that half of this post has been sitting in draft mode for exactly a month because I've been too busy to complete it. So here's a quick outline of the summer of my 30th year:

This shall forever be known as the summer of busy. So very much has been happening that it's hard to keep my head on straight, let alone remember what I was doing last week or how I ended up with these bruises. Yes, bruises... one large and deep one on my left calf and another on my back, neither of which do I have any memory of creating. Huh. And supposedly no one I've been with remembers anything that could have caused them, so I'll just let that go. But if I start experiencing missing time as well, I might start wearing a tinfoil hat... Regressing! Holy cow has it been fun. Kind of stressful, yeah, but fun. I'm turning 30 in 3 weeks (ed. erm, this was 5 weeks ago), and I must say that this summer has so far been the best one yet. What have I been doing?

I went camping with a group of girls who are incredibly awesome people, and we had such a fun time. I started dating a boy who is fun and funny and surprisingly wonderful. I've been going to Timbers matches religiously and having the time of my life supporting them. I went to at least 2 beerfests and 3 tappings. I got a new cat, and have been training Shinji to not beat the crap out of her too much. I went to the beach on a really hot day and played with a dog. I made pie-pops and forgot how much I enjoy making pie dough. I've been to as many barbeques as weekends, and burned the crap out of my tongue on a hot sausage. I've drank a lot of really good beer, and some not-so-good beer, both indoors and out. I've crashed parties and ran into people I didn't expect. I celebrated my 30th birthday with bacon-maple bars, a shared honkin' huge burrito, beer at Tugboat, and dinner with the awesome boy at Portland City Grill. I've met new people and have had amazing conversations. I've kept up with (some) friends better than I have in a good while. I'm moving in just over a week to a new kickass apartment. I filled holes in the walls and have started other huge projects that will likely keep me busy for years. I've been, overall, really happy.

This fall is going to kick my ass with the plans planned and plans as yet unplanned. Some really good friends are getting married and I am so happy to be a part of each of their celebrations. I am taking weekend bookings in November, but might have to push you to December; I hope you forgive me. But all in all, being too busy to write has been a good thing, and for that, I am eternally grateful.