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Perchance to dream...
September 8, 2009

I have been having some v strange dreams as of late, and since I have no proper therapist, I shall rehash them to you, dear internets. The ones that have stuck in my memory both have to do with murder. Well, specifically, me being a murderer. In both circumstances, I was upset about being cast as the villain in this hedonistic (oh, the puns!) play, but went along with my part all the same. In the first dream, I had a list of people I was to murder, but someone else was murdering these people before I could get to them. Rather than relieving me from this duty, it just upset me that someone else was taking the opportunity before me. Later, the other-murderer was creeping me out for knowing exactly who was on my list. In the second dream, remembered from Friday night, I dreamt that an ex-boyfriend and I had poisoned someone, then I poisoned him. Once they were both dead, I was given the chance to not have done the awful deeds, so I took it, and promptly had terrorists after me on my boat and shooting at me as I was attempting to get away by swimming. The really strange thing about the latter dream was that I didn't feel badly for killing the ex, I just felt trapped and anxious about getting rid of the body.

Not being a killing-type of person, dreaming about this kind of thing really bothers me. I chalk it up to a number of things: stress from moving, reading books that contained poisoning and one about chopping up bodies, lack of sleep in general, and the cat biting me awake in the morning (urge to kill rising), all of which are good excuses, I guess. And wouldn't you know it, but as soon as I started writing this, my ADD eyes also came upon these two entries in Dinasaur Comics, so maybe it's not just me.