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June 24, 2010

Well holy shitteroo, kids. Seems I haven't touched this site in quite some time. Amazing, innit? I've been so busy in my daily life, I can barely keep up the kind-of important stuff. Timbers season has started again, I'm tweeting, facebooking, and podcasting a ton, and I just haven't been out to see little somethingclever.net since, well, February.

Before I moved to Portland, I flew out here a couple of times in order to set up a jorb and housing. On every plane ride, I read the same article in the Alaska Air/Horizon magazine, about how Portlanders loved the outdoors and boy weren't they lucky with all of the sidewalk seating and the patios and when the sun shined, it was the best place in the world. I tried to imagine myself in that place, and now it's something I get to live every day. Well, at least since the start of this week. This winter was really long, and spring didn't arrive until after summer solstice. I'm not even sure if I trust the sun all that much any more; it could go away again at any moment, so I'm making the most of actually appreciating the out-of-doors when I have the opportunity.

Yesterday Peter and I ventured into Forest Park. There's a trailhead just under a mile from my front door, and though we drove there, getting down into the wee canyon where the creek flows was amazing. We only got to go into the park a little ways, as we didn't have a leash for the dog, but smelling that organic forest scent and feeling the moist cool air left me with a certain feeling of "なつかしい"... we used to go camping a lot when I was a kid. We didn't camp in temperate rain forest (the kind that's prevalent here in PDX), but the conifer scent is similar. I've been thinkinga bout getting to go for a nice long hike all day today, and hope I can get a few hours to do just that soon.

So I'm enjoying life. And life is enjoying me. I'll be 31 in a couple of months; it's all pretty amazing, and I currently have nearly everything anyone could ask for (well, my iPhone 4 will be here in 3 weeks, at least. ^_^ ).