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once again, i am just
January 28, 2003

once again, i am just bored out of my little mind at work.
what fun
no, not really
but that's okay, because at least i'm getting paid to be here. i would just really like something to come up and bite me in the ass. like a new job. i haven't learned anything new here in like a year, and that's the part that kills me. i thrive on change and learning. i just wish that something would come up that would let me do this.
i realised today that i really have no clue as to what i would like to do with my life. i mean, besides the norm, like having kids and stuff, which are things i want to do, but it's just too far in the future for me to even really think about that right now. i'm thinking about actually going back to school, but i don't really know what i want to do there, either... maybe i'll just start doing correspondance courses until i figure it out. like renie. or something.
i'm sick of typing... maybe more tonight if i'm actually online... tomorrow is the deadline, so i'll definitely be up by then. and if not... well, i'm not going to type that stuff here, just in case the gov'mnt is watching...