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::i::a:m::a:t::w:o:r:k:: il est tres gêner
January 27, 2003


il est tres gêner

everything here is either down or just not working properly, and it's making me want to run up and down my aisle screaming.

but i can't, or else i probably wouldn't have a job tomorrow. so this weekend was not very eventful. we did finally get the dining table base, which i am rather excited about. i can't wait to actually eat at a real dining table, instead of over the coffee table on the couch. i figure it will cut down on the amount of food-related stains (which is pretty much every stain) on the couch. being at kinko's last night was probably one of the most completely wasted hours of my life. we were there for forever, and pretty much got nothing done. so the only good thing about it was being able to get online. which, i admit, was awesome. at least we ended up not paying for it.

it is almost break time, which i adore during the day. usually i just sit here and stare at the clock waiting for it to hit 10:30, 13:00, or 15:30. those are the times when i am on break. those are my saving graces which make me not want to bash my head in against my desk... 8 minutes and counting...

it has been rather busy today, which is fine with me for the most part, as long as i don't get too many complete idiots on the phone. some people just shouldn't own a computer. or go bother dell.

btw, i actually got into work on time today! yay for me! okay, that's all for now....