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i am so going to
January 26, 2003

i am so going to bash my head in or swallow my tongue. we have been here at kinko's for like an hour trying to print this one image from photoshop, and it has taken forever. i so have other things to get done today. anyhow, i am still without a computer at home, so i haven't been able to really get anything done with the webpage this weekend. oh well. hopefully i'll have the computer back tomorrow. it's no longer a priority for me. but we ended up taking ben's grandma to lunch today, because we got up too late to take her to catholic church. which is kind of sad, because we're like the only ppl to take her, but church really bores the hell out of me. i am not christian, and it seems that catholocism is just too full of nonsense for me. church is like "stand up, sit, kneel, stand, sit, kneel, stand" and that's all we do.... okay, i'm out of here to go have a cigarette while we wait. do have a lovely weekend.